The new (and first) Flexform Outdoor campaign

The art direction of the project was entrusted to Beatrice Rossetti and the photographer Federico Cedrone: the protagonist is the sofa Vulcano designed by Antonio Citterio

The month of March welcomes an important news signed Flexform. The first Flexform Outdoor ad campaign, featuring the Vulcano sofa designed by Antonio Citterio, will launch in March, in the most prestigious international design and lifestyle publications.

Beatrice Rossetti and photographer Federico Cedrone art-directed the campaign. They developed a visual concept embodied in a carefree, relaxed lifestyle that extends beyond the home’s interior walls.

The photo depicts two people seated comfortably on the Vulcano sofa, bathed in an atmosphere of wellbeing and charm, also enjoyed by their dog. Placed at the center of the space, the sofa is surrounded by armchairs, coffee tables, side tables and objects that create an authentic outdoor living room.

The Flexform Outdoor Collection bears the same DNA as the interior collections and is designed to allow the creation of equally sophisticated and cozy outdoor settings. Dedicated to those who love the timeless Flexform aesthetic, the Outdoor Collection expresses the same style, elegance and design.