Porsche Sculpture

Chichester, United Kingdom | Gerry Judah

Porsche Sculpture by Gerry Judah

On the exterior of the Goodwood House a spine rises from the very slender extremities for about 50 meters, branching into seven pointed spindles: one aims abruptly at the sky, while the others ‘stab’ six iconic Porsche models, from the first car produced in 1948 to the latest limited edition presented in 2016.
 It is an installation made by the British artist and designer Gerry Judah for the 25th Goodwood Festival of Speed, an annual event that celebrates the tradition and longevity of the Porsche brand. In spite of the size, the sculpture as a whole is incredibly light: just 21 tons of steel to support 6 tons of automobiles.

Photo © David Barbour