His house Her house

Shenzhen, Cina | Wutopia Lab

His house Her house, Wutopia Lab, Shenzhen

The buildings at numbers 4 and 5 in Dameisha Village have become Her House and His House: pink for her, blue for him. The division of the world into pink and blue goes beyond stereotypes, however, for Wutopia Lab. The project created for the week of the Biennial of Urban Planning and Architecture in 2017 in Shenzhen develops around the different roles of men and women in the kitchen and their relationship with food.
Pink and blue are colors widely used in the city for insulation materials, and here they convey a strong symbolic value, based on introspection and delicacy of the ‘welcoming’ tones of ‘her’ house, and the desire for survival that has prompted people to learn how to conserve foods, in the Matisse-like tones of ‘his’ house.