Doll: 10 years

In Stockholm Billiani celebrates the anniversary of the collection of seating and tables created by Emilio Nanni

The year 2020 is an important one for Billiani. The historic company founded in 1911 in Manzano, Friuli Venezia Giulia, celebrates the first 10 years of Doll, the collection of seating and tables designed by Emilio Nanni. The exhibition space at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair will enhance the gentle, sinuous lines of the series, while offering a preview of the image Billiani will reveal in the new catalogue for 2020, slated for publication in the spring.

Sedute Doll by Emilio Nanni
Doll Chairs by Emilio Nanni

The design fair in Stockholm will also be an opportunity to present the wood of the collections in its most natural version, as a tribute to the clarity and clean lines of Nordic design. Doll, in particular, expresses an idea of elegance, lightness and comfort, in an essential design approach.

Sedute Doll by Emilio Nanni
Doll Chair by Emilio Nanni

A successful product that has prompted Billiani to explore new solutions over the years, offering Doll in various materials and types of wood, designing a complete range of chairs, stools and tables, while adding to and modifying the details to respond to changing needs. A series for the home, the office and the hospitality sector.

Seduta Doll by Emilio Nanni
Doll Chair by Emilio Nanni

Billiani is coming off a year of intense renewal. In 2019 Cristina Celestino, an architect and designer from Friuli with a studio in Milan, creator of the new corporate logo, became the artistic director of the brand. Her role will extend to design and development of products, and research on new ways of presenting the brand. The next step? Expansion in the residential sector.

Collezione Doll by Emilio Nanni
Doll Collection by Emilio Nanni