Giorgio Armani, back to the roots

The company returns to the historic location on Via Sant’Andrea in Milan, with a new architectural and interior design concept: to rediscover beauty according to Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani, via Sant'Andrea, Milano. Photo © Beppe Raso

Milan, Via Sant’Andrea. The historic site of the first Giorgio Armani boutique in 1983. Today the king of fashion reopens the space, which from 2010 to 2017 displayed the Armani/Casa line.

“I now have a different kind of experience, an awareness that is not a matter of nostalgia,” Giorgio Armani says. And this new venue embodies the quintessence of his idea of beauty in the contemporary world, with a new project whose architecture and interior design are shaped to these canons, offering a glimpse of this mature philosophy from the first glance, at the entrance.

Giorgio Armani boutique, via Sant’Andrea, Milano. Photo © Beppe Raso

In Milan’s Fashion Quad, amidst antique palaces and hidden courtyards, the platinum-tone facade stands out, cladding the four levels of the building, with the sole exception of the base in Granito Verde Fantastico bordering the entrance. Heading inside, the checkerboard floor in multicolored marble and onyx connects the spaces (1200 m2, twice the size of the original store), in tune with the silk coverings of walls and ceilings. The areas are separated by platinum-colored gateways, where rectilinear steps are clad in onyx, with details in golden metal.

Giorgio Armani boutique, via Sant’Andrea, Milano. Photo © Beppe Raso

Lighting is a major design focus: thin golden metal screens filter the natural light from the large perimeter windows, bringing out the beauty of the finishes and materials. The rigorous furnishings are also enhanced, featuring dark borders in eucalyptus wood and tables that punctuate the various floors – in platinum-tone metal and resin, or pear wood and mother-of-pearl.

Giorgio Armani boutique, via Sant’Andrea, Milano. Photo © Beppe Raso

The boutique contains the women’s collection of clothing and accessories, the Armani Beauty corner, the Made to Order and Made to Measure services (second floor), all the way to gift zone and the objects by Armani/Casa. A perfect welcome, in the inimitable Armani style.