Designing the future

The "sustainable" revolution has also been married by the protagonists of the furnishing world, with companies using new and innovative material

Ibiza by Vondom - Design Eugeni Quitllet
Ibiza by Vondom - Design Eugeni Quitllet

Swept up in the ‘green revolution’ which is taking over every aspect of daily life, the interior design sector has embraced the term “sustainability”, in every sense of the word. Thus all-new ‘total green’ materials give shape to innovative interior design collections, like A.I., the first chair made by Kartell in 100% recycled material, and thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. Likewise, Zanotta, with Sacco Goes Green has launched a numbered green collection of its iconic beanbag chair: all of the materials are sustainable, for both the interior filling (which using BioFoam® microspheres by Synbra) and the covering (in ECONYL®).

A.I. by Kartell – Design Philippe Starck

Sacco Goes Green by Zanotta – Design Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro

Vondom has turned sustainability into a true philosophy: “Vondom Revolution” identifies a series of collections (including Ibiza by Eugeni Quitllet) made from 100% recycled sea plastic. Meanwhile, Riva 1920 has turned it into a mission, using recovered wood, like Venetian mooring posts: in fact the solid wood Fire Table tabletop (by Marco Piva) is made from slats of solid wood mooring posts.

Fire Table by Riva 1920 – Design Marco Piva

Ibiza by Vondom – Design Eugeni Quitllet

Other companies have focused on an environmentally sustainable approach in their manufacturing process. For its wood flooring Listone Giordano uses wood from trees that are at the end of their life cycle, has total control of its production chain, and, thanks to numerous certifications, guarantees a ‘zero emissions’ product (an example is the Fabrique collection by Marc Sadler).

Fabrique by Listone Giordano – Design Marc Sadler

In the same vain is Pedrali, whose wood products are FSC certified and coated with bio water: the Jamaica chair (CMP Design) was designed from the start to be disassembled in order to be recycled and allow for the substitution of parts. Even a luxury brand like Visionnaire has embarked on a process of sustainable development, focusing – as in the Wall Street collection – on the FSC® (Forest Stewardship council®) certification and the PEFC™ (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification).

Wall Street by Visionnaire

Jamaica by Pedrali – CMP Design