imm cologne 2020: a breath of fresh air

imm cologne renews itself once again to expand the emotional level of the exhibition experience. A focus on outdoor living in Das Haus, with a project designed by the Valencia-based MUT studio

imm cologne continues decisively on the path of renewal. Through new thematic areas, new business opportunities, and new focus groups on digitalisation, imm cologne (which will take place at Koelnmesse, from 13 to 19 January 2020) intends to strengthen the experiential intensity of the exhibition itself. “We are going to focus on ‘interior moments’ in order to explore a more emotional and personal level, after having started off with the theme ‘discover interior ideas’,” explains Matthias Pollmann, Koelnmesse’s Vice President of Trade Fair Management.

Matthias Pollmann, Vice President Trade Fair Management of Koelnmesse, press conference imm cologne 2020

What does that mean and what is the value of a trade show today? This is the question that led imm cologne to change its tactic. If the imperative is to create an environment that inspires business, encourages networking, and opens itself up to new target groups (in this sense the more than 70% of foreign exhibitors play a fundamental role), then the visitors, as much as the buyers, are the keystone to the plans for innovation. The new format of the trade show is aimed at “improving the transparency and clarity of the exhibition, making it easier for attendees to orient themselves during their visit and ensuring exhibitors the best positioning possible,” continues Pollmann.

Internationality and new business, but also stories and content: with projects like Das Haus, Trend Atmospheres, and DesignFest sparking trends and inspiration which then spread throughout and seep into the new thematic areas. After the success of the Pure Editions, Pure Atmospheres, and Pure Architects segments, Home is debuting this year (in the renovated North zone) subdivided into three categories: Home Sleep (in pavilion 9, aimed at programs for quality sleep), Home Scenes (over 1000 ideas for a way of living that focuses on lifestyle, in pavilions 5.2, 6, 10.1, and 10.2), and Home Settings (in pavilions 4.1, 5.1, 5.2, 7, and 8, featuring young and stylish interior design solutions).

MUT Design presents Das Haus 2020

In the wake of this constant innovation and originality comes the Das Haus project, this year entrusted to the Valencia-based MUT Design studio, whose project remains true to its Mediterranean roots. The home designed by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, renamed “A la Fresca”, is an example of abstract architecture, conceived for a home in the heart of Albufera, in which there is no separation between inside and outside. It is composed of a combination of circles and squares, minimally decorated, and open on all sides. The intimate central area, the “Refugium”, is surrounded by four veranda-like environments: an area to relax and dress, an area dedicated to activities, a kitchen, and a space for body-care. “We wanted to dilute the boundaries between inside and outside,” summarise the designers, who transposed this idea into the interior design choices as well, creating multifunctional spaces in which the décor can be adapted to a variety of functions.