Victoria Dockside Masterplan: Adrian Cheng in collaboration with Kohn Pedersen Fox
Lead architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox
Executive architect: Ronald Lu and Partners
Sustainability consultant: Arup
Lead architect: James Corner Field Operations
Landscape executive architect: Urbis

Overall lead architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox
Executive architect: Ronald Lu and Partners
Façade design, sunken plaza, atrium, Gold Ball, Doughnut Playhouse: Kohn Pedersen Fox
Entrance, Nature Discovery Park: PLandscape
Schematic design of Opera Theatre: AB Concepts
Escalating Climbers, Oculus, Bohemian Pavilion, Arches, Hexagons + Ovals, Nature Discovery Park Conservatory: LAAB Architects Krescent Planter, The Bohemian Garden: James Corner Field Operations
Peacock Playground: Monstrum
Visual Corridor: Leigh + Orange
Lighting: Speirs + Major
Victoria (chandelier): Lasvit
Photo credits: courtesy of K11 Musea

“K11 Musea will be Hong Kong and Asia’s new cultural destination, where global millennials can come together and discover their muse.”

Adrian Cheng

“K11 Musea location, scale and concept are unique – the project involves leading architects as well as over 100 local and international designers and artists. K11 Musea will also bring great cultural content back to Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, which has lost its legendary charm since the late 1990s. K11 Musea will be Hong Kong and Asia’s new cultural destination, where global millennials can come together and discover their muse.”  Adrian Cheng, executive vice-chairman di New World Development, has clear ideas about the clientele target, people known as ‘super-consumers’ by analysts, with whom to share an innovative shopping and culture experience offered by the mall opened in August 2019 at Victoria Dockside. 

The completion of the K11 Musea makes it the epicenter of a project of urban regeneration that has taken 10 years, with investment of 2.6 billion USD, transforming what was once a logistics area, and then a residential-commercial zone, into a large multifunctional complex designed and built by James Corner Field Operations, Kohn Pedersen Fox and Ronald Lu and Partners. The towers of the new district, in an area of 28 hectares, contain the Rosewood Hong Kong with interiors by Tony Chi, the K11 Artus Residences with interiors by André Fu, Joyce Wang Studio, Fiona Barratt Interiors and Nemaworkshop, and the K11 Atelier offices with interiors by Simplicity

The lower building, on the other hand, directly connected to the waterfront by a ‘luminous corridor’ with a length of 100 meters and a width of 40, is for the K11 Musea, conceived as a hybrid between a ‘phygital’ destination for luxury retail, with international and local brands, and a private institution for art, culture and creativity. ‘Subversive’ with respect to a traditional mall, the facility makes use of greenery in the living walls of the outer facades, plants inserted in the internal spaces and, in particular, on the roof, with an urban garden for zero-km cuisine and a Nature Discovery Park, the first urban museum of biodiversity in Hong Kong, for education on sustainability thanks to the presence of a variety of local and exotic plants, an aquarium for marine species, and butterflies not in captivity.

The structure is also equipped with system for the collection of rainwater for irrigation, and a cooling system that uses seawater. The project has already obtained LEED Gold and Hong Kong BEAM Plus (Gold) pre-certification. The spectacular features appear as soon as one enters.

The grandeur of a lobby known as The Opera Theatre welcomes visitors into a striking dome 33 meters high, an intricate creation of LAAB resembling a reinterpretation of a historic cathedral, with the organic, sculptural forms of the Escalating Climbers, lit by The Oculus, composed of two skylights with a diameter of seven meters. Digitally generated by code similar to that of DNA, the sculpture extends like a gigantic rhizome in 500 branches, each different from the others, and was made by hand in a composite of steel and polymers reinforced with fiberglass. The branches are enlivened by hundreds of programmable light points to create different settings, designed by Speirs + Major.

The spectacle continues outside with live events in the Sunken Plaza, an amphitheater with games of light and water, a wall of panels in curved glass, a media wall, and a collection of site-specific artworks displayed in rotation, including Van Gogh’s Ear by Elmgreen & Dragset, Big Big Big Company (Mini Golf) by Samson Young, Hot Dog Bus by Erwin Wurm, Parrots of Five Colours by Zhang Enli, and an Untitled work by Katharina Grosse.