Establish itself in Dubai

The Senior Manager Laura Bielecki explains how Ellington Properties has established itself in a saturated market like the luxury residential and reveals the next projects

Laura Bielecki, senior manager ©Oliver Doran
Laura Bielecki, Senior Manager ©Oliver Doran

Ellington Properties was born 5 years ago as a luxury residential player, a sector that is already very crowded: what was the winning key?
The market was focused on either very luxurious properties which were very expensive or very low-cost properties with quality that is considered on the lower end so we wanted to be able to provide quality but at an affordable price and that’s when Ellington Properties was born. We found our niche by providing art and design-led properties that fit the budgets of Dubai residents and expatriates with options that appeal to the overseas investor, too.

Living Room Palm Villas
Living Room Palm Villas

What are the features that distinguish Ellington Properties? What is your strategy?
Our residences are designed to be welcoming to all 90 of the nationalities that purchased from us. The design of our properties is distinguished as soon you enter the vicinity. Our lobbies are amenities in themselves, providing ample spaces to meet, lounge, play board games, read books, open your laptop, have a coffee or watch your child get on the school bus. It’s a central space to encourage community living with the ability to share and connect. Also, the atmosphere is always warm and cosy, with our signature scent and comfortable furnishings. We love to engage with our communities through social and festive events such as Ramadan, Halloween or Mothers’ Day décor as well as personal training, fitness events, BBQs and kids’ activities.

Main Living Emirates Hills
Main Living Emirates Hills

The luxury residential market is very fluid, tastes change quickly, new generations bring different ideas and requests: how is Ellington Properties positioned in this context?
This is done through keeping on top of global trends, and remaining connected through international property developers, design fairs and exhibitions. Additionally, we tour show homes around the world, and we keep on point with major trends and features that homeowners and renters alike are looking for. We are proud to have a multicultural design team building for multicultural clients. Through recognising the major market trends, we are able to avoid being outdated quickly with any micro-trends.

From its inception to today, Ellington Properties has experienced (and lives) the attempt by the local government to transform Dubai from an exclusively glamorous destination to a business location that speaks the language of finance: has this changed anything in your way of operating? Has it brought any advantages?
We are proud to say that our designs are cutting-edge for Dubai and not over specified nor financially unviable. We put money where it is needed in a project, with each property being hand-crafted and built to last. Equally, we have been able to create developments that offer investors the highest end of luxury and at the same time, to curate homes that are more affordable and accessible. With Dubai’s focus on becoming a business hub in the region, we also attract many international buyers to Dubai with the high rental returns that are witnessed across our ready projects.

Lobby Ellington Belgravia
Lobby Ellington Belgravia

Made in Italy (and in Made in Quality) is always in great demand in Dubai, do you have relations with Italian finishing companies?
Italy is a global leader in design. We proudly attend fairs and read Italian design publications to stay on top of the trends and key and upcoming players in the industry. We love to showcase Italian designed products as key highlights in our lobbies, pool areas, gyms and show apartments. Companies such as Technogym, Zanussi appliances, Gessi, Magis, Zanotta, Cassina, Meridiani, Caesar Ceramics and Flos lighting can be spotted in some of our projects as well as the infamous natural Italian marbles.