The primacy of Lombardini22

With income of €15,788 million in 2018, a 28.7% increase compared to the previous year, the Lombardini22 Group now leads the rankings of the Top 50 Italian architecture and design companies

Lombardini22 has confirmed its position as a leading group on the Italian architecture and design scene specialising in the Office, Retail, Hospitality and Data Center sectors.

A remarkable achievement for a Group first established in 2007 by six professionals from different backgrounds, who have introduced an innovative approach into the world of Italian architecture. A multidisciplinary and multi-specialist method based on pre-project strategic consultancy and analysis by highly qualified experts in every aspect of architecture, engineering, marketing and communication.

A Group that has grown exponentially in just over 10 years in business, quintupling its staff and income by focusing on Italy and young people, particularly Milan and its distinctive dynamics, investing in technology and innovation and allowing room for art and culture. This community of professionals now counts 250 people, including architects, engineers, designers and experts in communication, who have an average age of around 35 and come from 17 different nations.

Presidente Paolo Facchini, dall’Amministratore Delegato Franco Guidi e dai soci Alessandro Adamo, Marco Amosso, Elda Bianchi, Roberto Cereda e Adolfo Suarez
President Paolo Facchini, Ceo Franco Guidi e dai soci Alessandro Adamo, Marco Amosso, Elda Bianchi, Roberto Cereda e Adolfo Suarez

The Lombardini22 Group, headed by its President Paolo Facchini, CEO Franco Guidi and the partners Alessandro Adamo, Marco Amosso, Elda Bianchi, Roberto Cereda and Adolfo Suarez, operates through various brands: L22, focused on architecture and engineering; DEGW, a leading player in the integrated design of workplaces; FUD, specialising in physical branding and communication design; CAP DC, devoted to data centers; Eclettico Design, specialising in luxury interior design projects for the housing and hotel industries.

“Lombardini22’s entire professional community is extremely proud of topping these rankings, which are always eagerly awaited by our market”, so the CEO Franco Guidi told us. “It confirms the success of a constant and balanced growth strategy capable of strengthening and enhancing our professionalism year by year, as we constantly strive to incorporate new realms of design”, so Mr Guidi added. “We still have a long way to go if we want to become Italy’s ‘national design champions’: we know what we have done so far, and we are ready to take on future challenges”.

Sede Gruppo Lombardini 22
Headquarters Gruppo Lombardini 22

“Our business figures”, so Mr Guidi concluded, “also show that Lombardini22’s net worth is constantly growing, confirming that the partners are still determined to keep on investing in the company to ensure it grows in a healthy way and maintains its high credit profile”