Paths of wellness

We went to Val di Fiemme, at the Starpool HQ, to discover – and experience – the wellness concept that sets the completely innovative identity of the Trentino-based company

Sauna Eclipse by Starpool @ Hotel Christof, Appiano - Photo © Helmuth Rier
Sauna Eclipse by Starpool @ Hotel Christof, Appiano - Photo © Helmuth Rier


It starts with a short hike, nothing too strenuous, but enough to reach the center of the Lagorai mountain chain at Val di Fiemme, at an altitude of 1650 meters. In the intense, inebriating green setting of the Malga Sadole, Starpool offers us an initial taste of its concept of “wellness,” seen as “regaining the ability to feel good.” Around this term and all its nuances,  the company from Ziano di Fiemme organized an experience for World Wellness Weekend.
A day in which to directly and concretely live inside the Starpool wellness concept, but also to grasp the identity of this company and the atmosphere around it, above all in order to rediscovery the balance between mind and body, in tune with the international WWW initiative.
So here we are, immersed in the breathtaking natural setting of the Dolomites, ready to savor piece and calm (during a yoga class) and the most genuine flavors (seated in a spartan but welcoming refuge).

This background introduces us to the true wellness itinerary entirely produced by Starpool, taking place in the creative and productive headquarters of the company – now in a phase of renovation, and slated for an official opening in 2020. Here, in an area of over 8000 square meters, the facility contains offices, a showroom, a training center – for wellness professionals – a Technogym fitness zone and the corporate spa, the representation of a true wellness center organized around the triad warmth-water-rest that forms the basis of the Starpool philosophy. A Finnish sauna, a steam bath, a Mediterranean bath (warm spaces) alternate with areas for cold reaction with water (showers, a stream, ice cascades) and islands of relaxing comfort.

This revolutionary, innovative method is the true heart of Starpool: the company’s research and development have led, in fact, in 2013, to the formulation of the Sp.a_System, the first system of use of spas certified by a team of medical and sports physicians, to offer a personalized wellness experience; the differing combinations of equipment, temperatures, timing, contrasting hot-cold reactions give rise to four separate paths for four different aims – Excite, Purify, Tonic, Relax, identified by a practical bracelet.

A total experience, a multisensory approach, putting an accent on materials (as in the emblematic case of the new outdoor NatureSauna), fragrances and colors – as in the Cold Storm or Cold Rain program, featuring jets with blue and green LED lights and the aroma of pine and lemon, or Water Paradise featuring four different showers in terms of warmth, color and intensity.

The new development this year is Colors of Soul, five chromatic proposals that emotionally light up the SoulSauna and SoulSteam, opening the way for total personalization of the sauna and the steam bath.

It is inevitable to reach the goal at the end of this regenerating voyage, though it is not yet over. The sublime moment arrives with Zerobody, the gateway to the exclusive dry floating experience: the body suspended in an ancestral embrace thanks to 400 liters of base temperature water enclosed in an innovative membrane (and thus never in direct contact with the skin), the mind soothed by the benefits of mindfulness meditation (through an audio guide developed by NU RELAX).

These are the new frontiers of wellness, where design, innovation and technology are placed completely at the service of people.