Brera questions Italy

The fourth edition of the Brera Design Days, scheduled for 4 to 10 October, transforms one of the most famous neighborhoods of Milan into a debate on the theme of Grand'Italia (?)

Investigating the links between design and planning, artificial intelligence, urban policies, graphics, Services and our daily life. Promoting and making the design culture in Milan grow even beyond the Design Week. Triggering a dialogue not only between insiders, but also with the city. Drawing the present of design and exploring its possible future directions. On these bases Studiolabo presents the fourth edition of Brera Design Days, that turns the Brera District into a platform for debate and exchange on the topic Grand’Italia (?).

Seven days of free meetings, talks, exhibitions, workshops to join upon registration. Many events in the various locations of the district will take place in a festival that aims at establishing Milan as world design capital.
Sponsored by Regione Lombardia and Comune di Milano, it will see the crucial participation of Edison as Main Partner.

Brera Design Days 2018
Brera Design Days 2018

Grand’Italia (?) – The topic of the festival’s fourth edition is entirely focusing on Italy, that Italy still holding a record in the design field: from the personalities that made its history, to the schools of excellence and historic companies. While abroad design is no longer just a product but more and more an intangible project, thought and process, in Italy design is struggling to renew its self-generation ability and that of exchange between visionary designers and illuminated entrepreneurs, as well as to develop a design culture shared at national level, with subsequent difficulties standing out as nation-system in some of today’s key sectors such as A.I., Sustainability, Service Design and Design for All.

Names setting design and architecture’s trends, such as Mario Cucinella, Giulio Iacchetti, Luca Nichetto, Lorenzo Palmieri, Carlo Ratti, Elena Salmistraro, Vittorio Grassi, architecture and design studios like Piuarch, Lombardini22, Park associati, Design Group Italia, CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti, international icons such as Salt & Pepper and Pavel Fuksa for graphic design, Luba Elliot, Carlo Ratti e Mauro Martino for Artificial Intelligence, Heleen Van Gent for colour trends research and many more.

Lavazza Flagship Store, Milano
Lavazza Flagship Store, Milan

Many are the topics that will be touched during the seven days of the festival, these are the main ones: Design your creativity by Mauro Martino, Rethink! Service Design Stories by, Design your community by Itinerari Paralleli and Radio Days energised by EDISON.