Technology at the service of security

Attention to detail, innovation and functional elegance: these are the factors that go into the Smart Identity interactive jewelry chest by Agresti

The inimitable style and elegance of Agresti are enhanced by Smart Identity, the interactive armored jewelry chest available in matte canaletto walnut or glossy ebony, with an emergency key. A safe with a strong personality that not only guarantees security, but also furnishes domestic spaces, adding aesthetic refinement to any setting.

The particular feature of Smart Identity is the opening of the safe by means of a fingerprint scan and recognition of 120 facial points, with a camera built into the mirror. Inside, the unit contains secret compartments, removable trays and a series of different functions. Everything is controlled by innovative technology that makes it possible to receive assistance even at a distance.

The product comes with white leather interiors, six Swiss rotors for automatic watches, and a secret compartment.