Birth of Keywords Academy

Keywords Design Relations announces a new project for professionals in the world of design: a network in which to share information and create synergies

The place where the light bulbs light up. This is how Daniela Chessari, the new Managing Director of the communication and corporate consulting agency Keywords Design Relations, sums up Keywords Academy. The new project – officially presented during the event “Breakfast with Keywords” at the VOCE cafe of Aimo e Nadia in Milan – will start in the fall, becoming a virtual space in which to support and assist the various players and professionals of the design scene.

Keywords Academy comes from the need of various personalities in this sector – from designers to journalists to business people – to exchange views on different issues, sharing information and analysis, and creating food for thought in an ongoing exchange of expertise.
“Companies have to face a range of challenges today, to respond to demand and to succeed in an increasingly competitive and organized context – says Daniela Chessari. – To come together and make a system, to inform each other and to know about trends and innovations, becomes indispensable in order to better design the future.”

Keywords Academy is therefore a gathering place in which to develop synergies and collaborations in a natural, spontaneous way: “It is important to be able to interact with aware clients. There will not be an academic approach, a transmission of information in an already structured, preset way – Daniela Chessari explains. – Instead, we want to be a virtual community where you can find solutions to achieve increasingly ambitious objectives, improving business performance.”

Many different themes will be addressed, some of which might seem to go beyond the decor sector, such as processes of internationalization, omnichannel strategies, digitalization, the new needs of consumers, the evolution of distribution and the management of Big Data.