‘Work’ in progress at Maison&Objet

Spotlight on office space at the fall edition of the Parisian event, which through the theme “Let’s Work Together” expands its offerings and experiences

Steelcase, co-working space

It couldn’t help being impacted by new trends. Living up to its reputation as a catalyst of novelty in the world of decor and furnishings, Maison&Objet expands its coverage through a new itinerary and a new display area entirely focused on the world of the office. The fall edition (from 6 to 10 September) gravitates around the theme Let’s Work Together, a “laboratory to express the new art of working today”: nomadic workstations, co-working spaces, digital tools, more comfortable and interactive settings, creating a new approach to the sector in which products and projects evolve in tandem.

This is where Maison&Objet comes into play, offering its trade fair spaces of 1000 square meters, designed by Philippe Boisselier, entirely to a new category of research. From decoration to furnishings, objects to complements, Work! brings together a fine array of international exhibitors, who from the space created for the purpose inside the macro-section ‘Maison’ spread out through the pavilions in an experiential itinerary through a multifaceted range of offerings.
Native Union, 24 Bottles, Design Letters are some of the participants, all the way to Vitra, Magis, USM, Seletti, Bross, Fermob, Technogym, Norman Copenhagen and many others.

Design solutions for the world of the office become the fil rouge, also entering the theme installations of What’s New, one of which is directly related to this sector: the curator Chantal Hamaide will present a selection of furnishings and objects capable of boosting the personality of any workspace.

And if the products cannot completely narrate the trends in a rapidly evolving sector, the rest can be filled in by the people who operate inside it and interpret its changes. An interesting program of talks, The Work! Conferences, provides opportunities for in-depth discussion of a wide range of aspects: Anthony le Bossé, Adeline Morizet, Albert Angel, Axel Shoenert, Jena Philippe Nuel, Serena Borghero, Rami Fischler are just some of the names in the 5-day event.

The growing importance of the office segment is thus perfectly represented in the proposals of Maison&Objet, while will continue to develop this project ‘in progress’ with the aim of making it the go-to platform for designers and creative talents.