Team comes First

An extraordinary working experience for IFDM. A Team Building program on a sailboat to live (and discover) group values

Eyes always on the horizon. It seems like a warning, with a pinch of poetry, but at the same time it reveals an attitude, a state of mind with very concrete overtones. The gaze shifts upward, intercepting the line of infinity, and the distance in between becomes the space in which to seize opportunities and to develop potential, the path to take to reach the most farsighted objectives.
Not just a philosophy, but an aspect of identity that defines the quality in the everyday activity of IFDM and its sister company Keywords Design Relations.

The group thus set off on a voyage to the origins of metaphor, during the annual Team Building event. The 43 feet of two sailboats became our home for four days, erstwhile colleagues our fellow adventurers, and the green isle of Elba the destination of an experiential journey with multiple aims.

Training, operative efficiency, learning, sharing, discussion were the terms that emerged from brainstorming on the theme – in which the company strongly believes -, indelibly confirming the objective (achieved) of a project that took us out of the traditional workspace to sale across the Tyrrhenian Sea. But the semantic sphere that does justice to the initiative expands to include a vocabulary that draws on the realm of emotions, describing a path of individual and (even more importantly) collective growth.

Because the sea nurtures thoughts, and the horizon opens the gateway of dreams.

Filming editing © Bianca Burgo