A ‘foyer’ to savor

A tribute to the great master of Italian cuisine Gualtiero Marchesi, and to the luxurious, elegant style of Milan. The new Ristorante Teatro alla Scala-Il Foyer combines tradition and innovation inside interior design by Michael Vincent Uy, with the culinary skills of the chef Anatolij Franzese

Ristorante Teatro alla Scala - Il Foyer, Milano.
Ristorante Teatro alla Scala - Il Foyer, Milan

In the kitchen, executive chef Anatolij Franzese, who entered the Marchesi world in 2016, pays tribute to the great master, reworking his creations in a modern way and reinterpreting recipes from the Italian tradition.

In the dining room, the project by the architect Michael Vincent Uy is a totally new take on the Il Marchesino restaurant opened by Gualtiero Marchesi in 2008, creating an atmosphere where taste and class join forces. The new Ristorante Teatro alla Scala–Il Foyer intentionally mixes memory and the present in food and image, and sets out to become the new Milanese pre- and post-theater gastronomic gathering place, also providing refreshment during intermission. It is a lively place of quick or extended interaction, thanks to the cafe and the intriguing cocktails created by the Milanese bar manager Matteo De Palma.

Ristorante Teatro alla Scala – Il Foyer, Milan

The interior concept is based on the decorations of Teatro alla Scala, which Uy reinterprets in a restrained, contemporary formula, conserving their luxury and elegance. The architect’s extensive experience in this field has led him to revise spaces, enhancing the various culinary experiences of a place destined to become a cult location in the city.

Ristorante Teatro alla Scala – Il Foyer, Milan

Surrounded by sofas and armchairs in red velvet, seated at refined tables of glass and marble, accompanied by the soft light from gilded appliques, guests will sample the innovative menu in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, starting precisely with the riso e oro of Gualtiero Marchesi, the iconic dish known the world over. To win the hearts of even the most demanding gourmets.