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Visionnaire expands its narrative paths with the creation of the new Accessories Capsule Collection involving ten young international talents, also available online. New openings and exclusive partnerships

A microcosm containing a wide range of inspirations, nationalities, materials and functions. It’s the new Accessories Capsule Collection by Visionnaire, presented as a whole exclusively at the Wunderkammer of the brand’s Design Gallery on Piazza Cavour in Milan.

Equilibri, design Zanellato/Bortotto, Visionnaire Accessories Capsule Collection

Materials like ceramic, stone, brass and Murano glass take on the forms of an extroverted ensemble of vases, centerpieces, trays and object caddies, generated by the boundless imagination of ten new talents on the international design scene: Zanellato/Bortotto, Stories of Italy, Gumdesign, Fausto Salvi, Marta Giardini, Ivan Baj, Claire Frechet, Inderjeet Sandhu, Olivia Walker, Sara Ricciardi.

A creative mash-up that embodies the lexicon of Art Design, or as Eleonore Cavalli, artistic director of Visionnaire, puts it: “an interpretation of contemporary style through a progressive synthesis of forms, always standing out for their fine workmanship and materials, but also based on light geometric lines.”

Casale, design Fausto Salvi, Visionnaire Accessories Capsule Collection
Corals, design Olivia Walker, Visionnaire Accessories Capsule Collection


Casale by Fausto Salvi is composed of micro-architectures with glossy finishes, while the leaves of Kentia Palm by Inderjeet Sandhu sparkle in their remarkable height, and the natural essence of Corals (by Olivia Walker) emerges from a the painstaking irregular workmanship. Meanwhile, with a delicate game of geometric forms, Zanellato/Bortotto have created the Equilibri vases.

All the way to the Fauna and Metamorfosi series designed by Sara Ricciardi in collaboration with the historic Venini glassworks in Murano: a total of eight items, fluidly ranging through color, material, the heritage of the Venetian brand and the eclectic character of the designer.

Fauna, design Sara Ricciardi, Visionnaire Accessories Capsule Collection
Fauna, design Olivia Walker, Visionnaire Accessories Capsule Collection

While Fauna (an edition of 60 pieces, to mark the 60th anniversary of Visionnaire mother company IPE) suggests a bizarre animal realm in glass and brass, featuring colored aggregate inserted in the glass while it is still hot, with results resembling the dappled coats of animals, Metamorfosi (five one-of-a-kind pieces in blown glass and blocks of cotisso glass) strives for a more conceptual kind of beauty, in the balance between two states of the material: that in which the glass is in its pointed, raw form as a nugget of potential, and that in which the flame makes it more tapered and soft.

The capsule collection of accessories will be available starting in July at the website and at the Wallpaper online store.

Kentia Palm, design Inderjeet Sandhu, Visionnaire Accessories Capsule Collection

The brand’s new initiatives continue in terms of distribution, with the announcement of openings of two new flagship stores managed directly by the company: in Hong Kong in September, and in Miami in December, during Art Basel.

In September, the Monaco Yacht Show offers an opportunity to see the results of the exclusive collaboration between Visionnaire and Baglietto, for which a preview will be provided in July with the launch of MY Severin°s, a Baglietto with a length of 55 meters. The luxury design brand will install a lounge area for the yachtsman with some of the most impressive pieces from the living collection.