Antoniolupi nursery rhyme

The studio Calvi Brambilla designs a new line of flower vases composed of three collections: Asa, Nisi and Masa. The names take their cue from 8½, the masterpiece by Fellini

The collaboration between Antoniolupi and the studio Calvi Brambilla continues. The duo has created three new collections of flower vases, Asa, Nisi and Masa, for the brand specialized in the design and production of complete bath furnishing solutions and products.

The three pieces are made of Cristalmood, the new material patented by the company, now used in the production along with Corian®, Flumood and Quarzomood. Three different forms, three interpretations of sophisticated elegance, in a fine balance between geometric lines and reminders of nature.

Vaso Asa, colore petrolio, by Calvi Brambilla per Antoniolupi
Asa by Calvi Brambilla, Antoniolupi

The names come from the nursery rhyme repeated by children in Fellini’s film 8 1⁄2. The vases suggest precisely such carefree moments, as protagonists of a bygone domestic existence, very different from the homes of today.

Vaso Nisi, colore nebbia, by Calvi Brambilla per Antoniolupi
Nisi by Calvi Brambilla, Antoniolupi

The common feature of Asa, Nisi and Masa is the cylindrical form. In the first, the cylinder of different heights and diameters is tapered at the top to form a border. In Nisi, it is seamlessly joined with the figure of a cone, while in the Masa series a deep cut joins the two halves of a volume that rises to different heights, giving the vase an unusual image.

The collections are available in the ten colors of the Antoniolupi range.

Vaso Masa, colori fumè e bottiglia, by Calvi Brambilla per Antoniolupi
Nisi by Calvi Brambilla, Antoniolupi