Another milestone in the history of Gruppo Natuzzi, now celebrating its 60th anniversary, and that of the Divani&Divani by Natuzzi brand. The company has opened its biggest store in Italy, at Gerenzano in the province of Varese. This new facility is part of a much wider project of restyling and reorganization of the entire distribution network, which in three years will update all the store in Italy (over 60 at this point) and add new spaces in strategic locations. Gerenzano represents the fifth store of the new generation, after recent openings in Udine, Pisa, Marghera and San Martino Siccomario.

A complete panorama of the brand’s offerings in 1000 square meters (from the living area to beds and accessories), in keeping with a concept created by the designer Patrick Norguet that is totally in tune with the Divani&Divani by Natuzzi philosophy: the brand’s focus on comfort emerges in an intimate, familiar atmosphere, immersed in warm, welcoming colors. Where the consumer is always at center stage.

Divani&Divani by Natuzzi has set forth on this path of evolution to create a more immersive and personal shopping experience that meets the needs of clients: “The architecture of the point of sale has to adapt to the evolution of products, which are in constant progress to respond to the needs of today’s consumers, including the youngest ones who will be the clients of the future,” says Pasquale Natuzzi, founder of the group.

The opening at Gerenzano is the latest step of a path of evolution that is transforming the distribution network of Divani&Divani by Natuzzi . What are the goals?
The goal is to renew our stores and expand into several regions and provinces we have recently neglected, since our primary thrust has been to meet growth objectives in China (where we have 180 Natuzzi Italia stores). Since Divani&Divani by Natuzzi is our “first great love affair,” three years ago we shifted the focus back to this brand, revising its general project in terms of architecture and communication.
The first Divani&Divani by Natuzzi store was opened in 1991, and since then we have already updated the display concept of our spaces three times, to adapt to the changing expectations of consumers. The opening in Gerenzano, the fifth store of the new generation, is part of a wider-ranging roll-out plan of new showroom spaces: Italy, in fact, together with China and America, is clearly a strategic market for us. For the next six years, the idea is to continue to open stores around the world and to control distribution, because this approach offers better guarantees for consumers: this leads to good results and reinforces our reputation.

What is the biggest change inside your stores?
Definitely the introduction of technology that expands the tools related to sales. One example is the Configurator, which can immediately illustrate size and image of products being considered for purchase. We are also using Augmented Reality, a rapidly evolving technology we have developed in an exclusive relationship with Microsoft to allow clients to directly visualize personalized sofas inside their own homes: this is a truly revolutionary feature that takes innovation to a new level.

To use your words, “The architecture of the point of sale has to adapt to the evolution of products.” What sets the proposals of Divani&Divani by Natuzzi apart today?
We have innovation in our DNA. 60% of sales of our products involve solutions with internal mechanisms, like the practical recliner functions for seats, backs, footrests and headrests. These items combine functional quality, comfort and modern looks.
Credit for this goes to our in-house design division, with almost 180 people working in the R&D area, focusing on trends, colors, materials, for ongoing innovation.

The brand is celebrating its 60th anniversary. What are its strong points now?
We have reached this point by keeping our standards high, operating in a consistent way in tune with our values. In 60 years we have created an outstanding reputation almost all over the world; starting in America where we were already listed on the stock exchange in New York 26 years ago, and in China where we have been operating for 25 years, as well as Australia and, of course, Europe. We have made major investments and organizational efforts, in order to control the complete chain of supply and production: from design to engineering to quality certifications and the production processes in our factories, all the way to sales in our own stores, corresponding to about 50% of total turnover.

What are the consumers of the future looking for?
The new generations are in search of truth, in an unprecedented way. It is an important, instructive, absolutely valid attitude. Those who think it is possible to fool today’s consumers are totally mistaken!


Via Gianpiero Clerici, 129 – Gerenzano (Varese)