Lapalma finds the ‘Riviera’ in Milan

The company specialized in the creation of furnishings for the home and for contract applications opens its first space in Milan. With creative direction by Simple Flair

Spazio Riviera in Via Gorani 4, Milano
Space Riviera in Via Gorani 4, Milano

On Thursday 13 June at 18.30, Riviera will open at Via Gorani 4 in Milan: the first creative hub of Lapalma in the city. The brand has been a protagonist in the home and contract furnishings sector for forty years. The new space has been designed by Simple Flair (the studio founded in 2010 by the architects and innovators Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna).

Riviera is a showcase for the collections of the brand, presenting a precise design approach. The hub features a range of different settings: from the light office to lounge & home, the cafe to the outdoor zone.
In contact with each other, they contribute to create a refined atmosphere that takes its inspiration from the cities that have influenced the thinking of Simple Flair, namely New York, Copenhagen, Los Angeles and Milan itself.

Not just a store, given the focus on digital aspects, Riviera is also an office inhabited on a daily basis by the Lapalma team, which personalizes the space with its furnishings, and by Simple Flair.
The concept is formulated for nomadism, and the company plans to expand it into other countries, always in a context of digital teamwork and contemporary sharing.
Riviera will also be a venue for exhibitions, talks, events, workshops and pop-up spaces.