Total security in a few seconds

A combination of luxury, technology and security, the Strong Room by Agresti ensures maximum protection and isolation, with the inimitable touch of functional elegance found throughout the collections of the brand. An exclusive approach described and demonstrated in its multiple potentialities by Paolo Agresti

In the heart of any home, the Strong Room created by Agresti skillfully combines luxury and technology for maximum residential security. Ready to assemble in any building, the unit can be personalized in terms of size and materials. On the perimeter, the steel walls guarantee protection, while cork provides soundproofing. The door features a biometric sensor for recorded fingerprints. Inside, the room is designed to protect valuables in an equally refined setting, where the materials (marble, leather, fine polished wood) take on a leading role.

Technology transforms the space devoted to luxury into a Panic Room: a simple button makes the room technically autonomous with respect to the rest of the house. Built-in climate control, telephone lines, 4G, and an internal closed-circuit system permit complete self-sufficiency. Paolo Agresti, owner of the company, talks about the multiple functions and exclusive features.