The Pedrali office in five acts

Debut at NeoCon for the brand that narrates its vision of the office world through five concepts, creating five work environments. The protagonists are the latest new furnishings and a special installation

Five concepts. Five ways of narrating the office. Five expressions of the same design approach. Pedrali makes its debut at NeoCon Chicago (the event follows up on another recent debut in the States, at HD Expo Las Vegas in May), presenting its vision of the contemporary office through various settings and shadings of interior design.

The more balanced formal look of the managerial office gives way to the practicality and variety of operative spaces, alternating locations created for dynamic work and relaxing comfort.
Qualities and performance virtues of spaces that are made possible by the great versatility of Pedrali offerings, which adapt and respond to a wide range of needs in the office world today – increasingly multifaceted and open to contaminations.

In the exhibit design by the duo Calvi Brambilla on the seventh floor of The Mart, the managerial office comes alive starting with the proposal of Claudio Bellini, the Elinor chair (presented directly by its designer in the above video interview, with a soft curved silhouette that also sets the tone for the creation of a table of the same name), accompanied by the Ester chair by Patrick Jouin and the Vic model by Patrick Norguet.

Arki Table adjustable

Arki-Table adjustable is the emblem of the operative office, thanks to its intrinsic ability to adapt to working needs with its height-adjustable top. Two electrical actuators connected to a control system and activated through two adjustment commands placed under the top move simultaneously, permitting choice of the ideal height, from 740 to 1140 mm, to ensure maximum comfort during work activities.

Ypsilon tilting, design Jorge Pensi

The dynamism of co-working facilities is the focus of the Ypsilon tilting table by Jorge Pensi, in the new tilting and stackable version. The top is connected to a base in die-cast aluminium through a column in extruded aluminium. The true plus of the product is the exceptional patented mechanism by Pedrali that permits tipping and movement of the top from a horizontal to a vertical position, through two release handles.

Buddy family, design Busetti Garuti Redaelli

While the Babila collection by Odo Fioravanti – including a table and chairs – becomes the protagonist of a representative meeting room, the Buddy series by Busetti Garuti Redaelli brings irony, simplicity and maximum comfort to an appealing lounge area. A single chair, a bench and a chaise longue whose ample backs, combined with the soft upholstery of the ottomans, create a versatile seating family.
This identity is taken to new heights in a second installation, titled Buddy Constellation, where the collection is the protagonist on the first floor of The Mart (Floor 1, NorthEast Corridor): ottomans of different sizes are suspended in the air to create a colorful constellation, balanced by an arrangement of soft elements on the floor, conceived to create a waiting area.