Man in the middle (of the project)

NeoCon puts the spotlight on Human Centered Design: from product to project, talks to collateral events, man and his needs become the fil rouge of the 51st edition

If all interior design projects have one common denominator, namely that of human experience, the same fil rouge can be found in the wide range of offerings at the 2019 edition of NeoCon Chicago, one of the leading trade fairs for the hospitality and contract sector – from 10 to 12 June at the historic Mart.

Never before has ‘human centered design’ been such an important aspect of the exhibition, starting with the opening contributions of Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman & Williams, Ilse Crawford of Studioilse, and Liz Ogbu of Studio O, addressing key factors such as empathy, experiential narrative and the needs of human beings on which to build design, followed by a hundred seminars to complete the cultural-educational offerings.
The exhibits are spread across the levels of the Mart: over 500 brands for a vast overview of the industry (interiors, fabrics, facings, lighting, acoustic solutions, outdoor), presenting innovative solutions for the workplace, healthcare, residences and more.

While the setting of the event may not suffice to catch all the new trends in progress, they can be directly experienced thanks to the new off-site tours (part of the program of NeoCon and IIDA), which through a visit to the TAO Chicago of Rockwell Group and the Hotel Essex of the Getty Group offer a view of the most innovative locations in this renowned City of Architecture.

Below is a gallery with some products present at the exhibition.