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How did the Mia project get started? What are the advantages of the new model?
Mia by Carlo Cracco represents a natural evolution of the collaboration between our company and the famous chef. He has offered us a highly professional viewpoint while paying close attention to the needs of consumers in the creation of a new kitchen model. It contains countless distinctive features, such as the insertion of high-performance appliances, like the hood – protruding towards the cook, with inclined grilles to optimize removal of fumes – or the welded stainless steel counter with sliding trays, to improve the spatial layout.

Mia by Carlo Cracco
Chef Carlo Cracco with Mia kitchen

For whom has this kitchen been designed?
Mia by Carlo Cracco, like all our offerings, is a highly flexible kitchen designed to respond to a wide range of consumer requirements. Conceived for people with a passion for cooking, Mia appeals to everyone: from expert chefs to beginners, and all those who want not just high performance but also respect for raw materials and optimization of timing. The organization of Mia – even in small spaces – permits maximum ergonomics and functional quality, which are increasingly sought-after values.

Dettaglio Mia by Carlo Cracco
Mia by Carlo Cracco, detail

How has the expertise of Scavolini been combined with that of the chef Carlo Cracco?
Through research, and attention to even the smallest details. For the creation of Mia, Carlo opened the doors of his kitchen to us: we knew that only his experience, combined with our know-how, could allow us to design the domestic version of a professional kitchen. Ergonomics is one of the main areas in which we worked together: for Mia we came up with special solutions, such as the possibility of shifting the bases forward while keeping the baseboard in set back with respect to the edge of the counter, to facilitate use, or the optimal arrangement of the washing, cooking and work spaces.

How have the national and international markets reacted to this new proposal?
After the presentation – at the latest Eurocucina – the project has met with enthusiasm both in Italy and abroad. It is already on view in our store in Miami, opened yesterday, and will soon be see in many of our 300 foreign showrooms.

Dettaglio Mia by Carlo Cracco
Mia by Carlo Cracco, detail

The collaboration with Cracco has evolved from marketing to production. Will there be other evolutions? What are the values you share?
It was already stimulating to work with Carlo Cracco as our testimonial, and it was even more interesting to join forces in the creation of this project, a big challenge for all of us. Like us, Carlo is guided by a sense of professionalism and constant pursuit of quality and excellence, fundamental values we have in common. Precisely for this reason, we should not rule out future evolutions of a collaboration that has been extremely effective and engaging so far.


The upcoming international events are in the United States and London. Has Mia already been set up in your local stores and showcases? How are you positioned in these countries?

We periodically update the displays in all the Scavolini stores in Italy and the world, always inserting new developments in order to offer clients solutions that are always different and innovative. Our present positioning in the United Kingdom and the United States is strong and distinctive, the result of a major effort of consolidation and expansion of our business carried out over the years. The UK and US markets offer extraordinary business opportunities and have always played a very important strategic role to reinforce the visibility of the brand on a global level.

Fabiana Scavolini, amministratore delegato Scavolini © Livio
Fabiana Scavolini, CEO of Scavolini