Classic… who are you calling Classic?

Four pavilions dedicated to the Classic and Xlux furniture tell the evolution and the new proposals of this 'revolutionary' sector

They are two worlds that now go hand in hand. Classic and xLux, that is, the stylistic categories that identify the first four Halls of the Rho trade fair. In a parallel way, they tell the story of the evolution and transformation of a purely artisan ‘savoir faire’ that in recent times has been contaminated not only by more modern approaches, as much as by areas that are often not their own. If in the world of Classic furniture (140 exhibitors in Hall 2) there is a greater formal cleanliness while adhering to the most classic refinement, the xLux universe (349 exhibitors in Halls 1, 3, 4) plays with fashion influences and artistic nuances, setting up a new dimension of luxury. New forms come in, new materials and finishes are used, and colourful fabrics are dared, because the aim is to amaze!

Here is a review of the main innovations offered by companies in the most ‘revolutionary’ sector of the moment.