The legacy of Alessandro

The word alchimia, alchemy – the name of the group of the 1970s in which he was one of the more authoritative members – is the name which best represents the magnificent curve that in 87 years Alessandro Mendini has traced in the name of and on behalf of design

Alessandro Mendini
Alessandro Mendini

When Alessandro Mendini designed the Proust armchair, IFDM was not yet in existence: it is truly difficult for us to speak about a Master who has left us and, at the same time and without rhetoric, is still with us. We can say that we have known him at a respectful distance, we followed him, we peeked in through the keyhole of his studio, every now and then we tried to connect and disconnect all the projects and objects that the website suggests to read as “fragments where… sense is found in this dynamic expanse, centrifugal and endless.”

It is inevitably reductive to speak of the designs, of the Compassi d’Oro and of the objects by Alessandro Mendini, man with an always cordial personality, though quite reserved: Alessandro returns spontaneously and with perfect naturalism on our desks, in the conversations involving all of us in the world of design, in shop windows and in the Metropolitan urban railway of Naples or Gibellina where Mendini, with the Clock Tower, has given cement an unexpected and unknown lightness.

Alessandro Mendini has also been a colleague, he founded and managed Modo, one of the historic design magazines, that was focused on culture and content in addition to form: dear colleague, this is a legacy that we deeply understand and that we will keep close to our hearts. Thank you.