Tactile variety

Dedar’s 2019 collection is the result of extensive research and exploration in worlds that are different from one another. Colours, materials and designs in various versions are pleasing to the eye as well as to touch

Dedar focuses on diversity. In the 2019 collection there are various types of materials, colours and patterns that respond to the demands and needs of customers and are perfectly suited to the most diverse of environments. The latest component of the 2019 offer includes more than one hundred variations of fabrics of great versatility. All in the sign of elegance and refinement that is a hallmark the company.

Opaco Variabile, © Andrea Ferrari
Opaco Variabile, Andrea Ferrari

The jacquards are in evidence, often inspired by the oriental world, composed of small, soft geometries and larger designs that are inspired by the sensibility of the Art Déco and Albers years.
The new material silks of Opaco Variabile, on the other hand, create a language made of dynamism and irregularity. There is a lot of space given to high craftsmanship: an opaque, short and consistent yarn is handcrafted on historical looms.

Texturologie, © Andrea Ferrari
Texturologie, © Andrea Ferrari

Texturologie is the result of a specific research of materiality that combines delicate manual dexterity and robustness. The goal is innovative seating upholstery with the interweaving of fibres from wool to hand-spun alpaca, from cotton to linen, whose processing enhances variation, irregularity and naturalness.
As far as Linen Anthology is concerned, the sartorial elegance of linen gives life to sophisticated fabrics at great curtain heights in 70 variations of weave, titles and colours.

Blazer, l'orizzonte del colore, © Andrea Ferrari
Blazer, l’orizzonte del colore, © Andrea Ferrari

Finally, a line dedicated to the multitude of shades. The Orizzonti di colore has grown year after year with new products and now it welcomes two protagonists: a linen satin and an Ottoman with a particular light effect, different in nature but united by a vocation of “born classics”, in a skilful balance between elegance and informality.

Linen anthology, © Andrea Ferrari
Texturologie, © Andrea Ferrari