The classics of Cappellini take on a new look 

The designs of Cappellini meet the décor of the Designers Guilds for unprecedented creative results, unveiled for the first time in Paris

It is the meeting of two brands that are protagonists of the contemporary; the sublimation of two inter-related souls. The designs of Cappellini, defined by Giulio Cappellini’s avant-garde approach, find new, unexpected interpretation through the textile design of Designers Guild, represented by Tricia Guild (founder and Creative Director) who has been able to eliminate the boundaries between design and décor to reveal a new perspective of aesthetic and formal experimentation in the sector of textiles for furnishing.

Cappellini&Designers, Panda Sofà
Cappellini&Designers, Panda Sofà

For the first time, these two companies make their own stylistic contents available to one another, thanks to the lengthy relationship of esteem and friendship between Giulio Cappellini and Tricia Guild. Some Cappellini classics – born from the hands of Jasper Morrison, Paola Navone, Marcel Wanders, Mac Stopa – are dressed with the unmistakable textiles of the English brand: velvets, chenille, wool, cottons with floral decorations, but also in the vibrant solid colours and in the tartans with a spirit of fashion that are able to give them a brand new image.
The result of this collaboration is presented exclusively in the renovated spaces of the Cappellini showroom in boulevard St. Germain, on the occasion of Maison&Objet.

It is here that formal minimalism takes on an unexpected richness of composition. Not only that: Cappellini provides a new definition of ‘innovation’, represented by the cultural effort it has made in reinterpreting its historical objects, not only through new forms.

The interpretations of the Panda Sofa are the result of this new collaboration, whose essential sign intensifies in the solid colour of the Madrid chenille upholstery in chromatic gradation with the cushions, to soften the pastel shades of the watercolour brush strokes that reproduce a flowering on the Proserpine fabric used always for the cushions and the pouf.

Sedie Hard Dress, Cappellini&Designers
Chairs Hard Dress

Because of their versatile nature, even the Hard Dress chairs have become part of this project and show themselves off in the Verronet covering, in which the sinuosity of the flowers lies on a background with a geometric texture.
In the Supersoft armchairs, instead, the Verronet fabric is combined with the solid colours of the Trentino Stretto fabric.

Involved in the initiative are also solutions that have already demonstrated, since the outset, their affinity with the world of décor, such as the Embroidery armchairs, which in 2016 were presented with a cross-stitch techno-finish, and the Birkett upholstery, as well as the Drum Teen armchair by Mac Stopa, proposed in the solid colours of Trentino Stretto.