Antolini, from Cologne to Paris

The company specialising in the processing of natural stone participates in both Imm Cologne and M&O. Among the products present at the trade fairs, Calacatta Brasil stands out

Antolini’s agenda was completely booked in January. In fact, the company founded in 1920 in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella took part in both the German and the French trade fairs. Among the highlighted surfaces is Calacatta Brasil, a refined quartzite, perfect for interpreting modern spaces and environments.

Antolini, Calcatta Brasil

Calacatta Brasil fully represents the philosophy of the brand, dedicated to offering a wide range of natural stone materials that are distinguished by the quality of their colours, finishes and unique patterns.

The surface has smoke grey veins that move through a white background, drawing inspiration from the motion of clouds in the sky, carried by the wind.
Expressive and minimalist at the same time, this natural stone seems to dialogue with the light. Its task is to expand the profiles and shapes of the furnishing elements.

Stand Antolini a Imm Cologne 2019
Stand Antolini in Imm Cologne 2019

At Imm, instead, Antolini has enriched the exhibition space with two kitchen blocks made of Amani Bronze and Grey Stone. Without forgetting the Grey Stone flooring; two long lamps clad in bronze and steel and the spectacular walls, once again, in Grey Stone.