Porada, creative synergies

Thanks to three decades of participation, Porada arrives in Cologne for the first international appointment of the year through which to make contact with all of Germany, as well as extra-European markets

Kirk by Porada - Design Carlo Ballabio
Kirk by Porada - Design Carlo Ballabio

Three decades and more. A remarkable history of operation on the German market for Porada, through its main trade fair in the furnishings sector, imm cologne. A constant presence that continues in 2020, confirming the brand’s synergy with the territory and its protagonists.

Clearly one of the foremost showcases for furniture collections and decor solutions, imm cologne is also a gathering point for contact with local and European operators in this field. For Porada it is also a chance to interact with extra-European clients.

“The central role of Germany is not just a matter of geography, but also of the range of nationalities of the visitors we meet at the fair – says Sara Allievi, the third generation at the helm of the firm. – For Porada this is one of the main markets, topped only by the United Kingdom (the leading zone for us on an international level) and Italy, followed by France and Spain, in terms of sales.” In Germany the company is implementing a reorganization of distribution, deploying a network of agents and consolidating display spaces through local dealers in all the main cities.

Mary by Porada – Design Patrick Jouin

Argo by Porada – Design Daniel Dolcini

As a direct reflection of this dynamism and retail multiplicity, the company’s products meet the needs of the market with dozens of proposals for both the living area and the bedroom zone: the items topping the ranks for sales in this region are the Argo and Kirk modular sofas and the Ziggy collection, culminating in the Ziggy Bed Baldacchino.

Ziggy Bed Baldacchino by Porada – Design Carlo Ballabio

Kirk by Porada – Design Carlo Ballabio

The connection between these products is the use of a material that is part of Porada’s DNA – canaletto walnut – skillfully designed, crafted and shaped in elegant interiors. While in Argo – designed by David Dolcini – the base is more in view (also thanks to the luminous glow of the brushed brass feet), bringing a sense of lightness to the upholstered furnishings, in Kirk – designed by Carlo Ballabio – the solid wood base becomes a discreet presence to accompany the more sculptural volume of the seats. The tables, sideboards, bedside units and dressers of the Ziggy family apply this material to create an almost contradictory lightness, seeming to be suspended on slim bases and minimal forms. A concept that is also reprised in the bed and canopy bed versions.

In the midst of these thematic islands and settings, a myriad of complements gravitate around the larger presences in the domestic landscape. First of all, the Maskara coiffeuse (designed by Emmanuel Gallina), which is one of the favorites for German customers. This is because of its versatility – it can be a dressing table or desk, combined with a stool, a handy drawer or an adjustable mirror – and its material richness concentrated in limited proportions – in solid ash wood with a marble top. These characteristics are shared by the new desks and dressing tables Dafto, Bayus and Ninfea, a product type that finds updated visibility precisely in the Nineteen Collection.

Maskara by Porada
Design Emmanuel Gallina

Ninfea by Porada
Design Niccolò Devetag