The perfect synthesis

Mega Home has worked with world renowned brands to offer inspired living through high quality imported furniture, and kitchen appliance. We interviewed the director James He

As one of the leaders of global quality furniture retail groups, Mega Home has worked with world renowned brands to offer inspired living through high quality imported furniture, and kitchen appliance, including Poggenpohl, Küppersbusch, MisuraEmme, Glas Italia and MinottiCucine. It aims to provide the integrated solution of furniture and kitchen accessories for the people who care about the quality and enjoy the luxury life.

The high end showrooms of Mega Home are located in the downtown of Beijing and Shanghai respectively.  As the winner of Interior Design Award by Hanover Industry Design and Good Design Award in Japan, the  flagship showroom in Shanghai is the perfect combination of famous brands, art taste and life experience. It present the most luxurious lifestyle in an interactive way.

Diversified life is the normal today. With different roles and lifestyles, the requests for home change increasingly. Mega Home is the door to the high end lifestyle. It inspires the people with feeling of freshness and emotion ascription beyond form.

Mr. He was holding The TID Gold Award of Commercial Space in Daning Showroom

James He, Director, Mega Home is one of the leading players in the retail sector in China: how did you reach this goal?
In the past two decades, with the booming development of China’s real estate industry, Mega Home has utilized its keen market sense to seize the development opportunity offered by China’s luxury furniture industry. Relying on its abundant market resources and by operating the extraordinary Poggenpohl’s kitchen products and its derivatives, Mega Home has achieved great success in construction projects. As domestic high-end consumers have developed new perspectives on home life, Mega Home found that the existing products and customer segments no longer met the trend towards high-end consumption. Therefore, the Group began to adjust its strategy: First, it is committed to creating a horizontal platform to meet the high-end customers’ needs of diversified products, and providing a packaged home solution with imported luxury products. So, we mainly focus on kitchen and systems furniture, and have introduced high-end products imported from Germany and Italy, such as Kuppersbusch appliances imported a decade ago, MisuraEmme furniture two years ago, and the current Glas Italia door collection and MinottiCucine kitchen products. At the same time, we’ve begun the transformation from B2B to nationwide distribution network and retail business, fully penetrating first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and many high-potential capital cities. The most important progress is that we have established a professional team that provides customers with one-stop services, which include sales, marketing, design, products and installation. Our unconditional high value-added professional services in all aspects have been favored by many customers.

In conclusion, there are three core competencies that make us one of the leading companies in the industry, and they are also Mega Home’s operation philosophy: through diversified products and elegant environment of home experience, we are committed to providing the domestic high-end lifestyle customers with professional one-stop service of customized kitchenware and systems furniture.

What Kind of professional service does Mega Home provide to the clients? Could you please share with us about your achievement and valuable experience for your construction project? What’s the future plan for that?
Mega Home has made great achievements in the past by operating Poggenpohl. For example, the 4120 sets of kitchen furniture in Shimao Riviera, Pudong, the nearly 400 high-end private apartments in Tomson Riviera, the 300 sets of kitchen furniture in Cui Hu Tian Di and nearly1000 sets of that in Rui An Xin Cheng. We’ve also established long-term and steady strategic cooperation with many developers, such as Tomson Group, Shui On Group, CWTC, Evergrande Real Estate and Poly Real Estate, so as to achieve multi-win in the promotion of luxury home quality and added value.

Under the current overall economic adjustment of China, we will accelerate the expansion of high-end product lines and integrate brand advantages to achieve complementary brands, provide customers with more diversified and efficient choices, and create greater value. We’ll also continuously improve our service quality in the aspects of sales, marketing, design, products, and the selection and training of the installation team. At the same time, we’ll continuously improve our service process. Customers will enjoy one-to-one exclusive service from our developers, design companies and retail owners. Based on the customer’s preferences and budget, we’ll make recommendations on order, payment, shipping, customs clearance, transportation, settlement, design, etc., to minimize the problems that the customers may encounter on the operational level. The ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers, which is why we build service teams to create long-term essential benefits and win more opportunities for us in the future.

Megahome Shanghai Flagship Showroom
Megahome Shanghai Flagship Showroom

How do you choose your brand partner?
Based on our successful cooperation with Poggenpohl, and along with a greater maturity of Chinese market, we’ve had deeper understanding of the high-end consumer concept-enjoying happiness from improved quality of life, a consumption trend that is more and more favored by the high-end customers.

It is also a key factor we consider when choosing brand partners. Aside from evaluating the strengths of the enterprise, the brand advantages and the products quality, we appreciate more the European “Craftsmanship” with deeply embedded culture. The works are handcrafted with exquisite skills that are passed down from generation to generation, and have perfect quality and outstanding design taste, so that they can meet the needs of the domestic high-end customers. This is our ultimate purpose of choosing the brands with unique characteristics and value.

Take MisuraEmme for example. There were numerous Italian furniture brands, but after our management’s research of the European market, only few brands stood out and met our requirements, positioning and value, and MisuraEmme was one of them. It was found by MASCHERONI and has a history of 116 years. MisuraEmme represents strong heritage and innovative skills, its products have high aesthetic value and high quality, and are very environmentally friendly. Most importantly, it possesses extraordinary Italian modern furniture design concept that’s in line with the quality demands of the domestic high-end customers. This is why we chose MisuraEmme.

I see a wide presence of Made in Italy design in your stores: does it meet the growing request of the Chinese market? How has the placement and the relationship with the Italian brands changed over the last years in China?
First, in the development of the global luxury consumer market, China has owned the largest luxury consumer group. Data shows that brand recognition is most important to luxury consumer. Then what makes people recognize the brand? It’s the value, culture and lifestyle represented by the brand. Brand recognition is actually the recognition of value and culture. The Italian design, art, fashion, furniture, food, cars, football and other cultural products and elements are strongly recognized in China and around the world. The choice of Italian culture and brand is a value connection we build between high-end consumers and us. The “Salone del Mobile Milano Shanghai” that’ll take place in Nov. will serve as a great platform.

In addition, according to Bain Consulting report, the high-end home experience in China is undergoing an explosive growth, which reflects the current status of the Chinese market. Therefore, we are no longer just an importer, but also a selector of high-end products. Through diversified products and elegant environment of home experience, we are committed to providing the domestic high-end lifestyle customers with professional one-stop service of customized kitchenware and  furniture.

Besides MisuraEmme, we will cooperate with more Italian brands like Glas Italia and MinottiCucine.

MisuraEmme has retail branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou: what differences are there among the three stores? Are there any differences in the customer target of these three cities?
Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are first-tier cities, where the customer’s purchase behavior basically reflects the international trend. However, we found that the taste and preference of the customers in provincial-level cities are improving. This strong potential is a golden opportunity for us. In order to bring excellent products to the provincial-level-city customers, we’ve selected local competent dealers and relied on their professional operating experience to develop local markets according to local conditions. So far, we’ve had dealers in cities like Nanjing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Haikou and Wuhan, with each one of them having its own unique cultural characteristic.

Are you thinking about new openings?
By the second half of this year, we’ve had operations in 10 cities. Next, we’ll consider expanding in the areas of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Sichuan and Chongqing.

How do you see your business development in the coming years?
Take MisuraEmme, for example. We were approved to operate MisuraEmme at the end of 2016. By July, 2018, we had opened 3 self-operated flagship showrooms and 9 dealer showrooms, which are either in operation or in the pipeline. In July, 2017, the first showroom was opened in Beijing Easyhome. The second was opened in Shanghai Xi Ying Men in Mar., 2018. At present, we have showrooms in Nanjing, Suzhou and Chengdu, and new showrooms will be opened in cities like Hangzhou, Haikou, Wenzhou, Jinan, Wuxi, Wuhan and Guizhou by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

We will continue to make the self-operated showrooms in Beijing and Shanghai our model showrooms. Through promoting the development of the dealers, we’ll gradually expand our network to key regions and cities, where we’ll find dealers, open showrooms and normalize our business. In short, our short-term goal is to open 10 showrooms by the end of this year, and make it a total of 15 in 2019. By then, we will finish the first expansion plan for MisuraEmme.