A fantastic opportunity for young men and women

The Rosario Messina ITS Foundation Wood-Furniture Training Centre was recently inaugurated, with a space within the structure dedicated to young men and women under 35 years old who participated in the SaloneSatellite

It will be a day to remember for the world of Italian design. Thursday 13 November the Rosario Messina ITS Foundation Wood-Furniture Training Centre was inaugurated with the objective of training young men and women who will be going to work for companies specialising in home furnishings. The structure will also house the “SaloneSatellite Permanent Collection”, an anthology made up of products presented over the years by designers under 35 years old, all of whom made their professional debut at the trade show founded and still curated to this day by Marva Griffin.

Presidente di Regione Lombardia Attilio Fontana, del Presidente di FederlegnoArredo, Presidente della Fondazione ITS Rosario Messina Giovanni Anzani
Presidente della Fondazione ITS Rosario Messina Giovanni Anzani

The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by the President of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana; the President of FederlegnoArredo, Emanuele Orsini; the President of the Rosario Messina ITS Foundation, Giovanni Anzani; the Director of the Rosario Messina ITS Foundation, Angelo Candiani; and the Founder and Curator of the SaloneSatellite, Marva Griffin.

The presentation conference took place in a room crowded with journalists and prominent figures from the sector representing various companies. On the stage, between the President of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, Claudio Luti, and the President of Federlegno, Emanuele Orsini, was the President of the Rosario Messina ITS Foundation, Giovanni Anzani, who spoke about problems in the sector, mentioning that approximately ten years ago he realised that companies were no longer hiring young men and women and so the ‘art of know-how’, ‘Made in Italy’, and ‘intelligent hands’ could no longer be passed down. The Training Centre was created to solve this very problem.

The new structure is a single level, 2900 sqm space subdivided into three sections: the carpentry laboratories are located in the first, classrooms for didactic lessons in the second, and computer laboratories and administrative offices in the third. The entire structure is built from environmentally sustainable materials in order to maximise energy efficiency.

The President of FederlegnoArredo, Emanuele Orsini, explains the goals of the Training Centre: “By listening to the needs of our business owners, we developed a training program that has proven capable of drawing young men and women back to the area’s traditional professions while at the same time responding to employment needs. It is an economic, creative, social, and cultural patrimony of Lombardian and Italian identity.


Polo Formativo

The Salone Satellite Permanent Collection will periodically rotate the many projects that have animated the SaloneSatellite over the past two decades. The exhibits will serve to stimulate the many students that will pass through the centre’s training program.
Furthermore, the permanent space dedicated to these young, promising designers intends to create an gallery capable of helping visitors understand the new artistic and methodological evolution that characterises contemporary design. The creators of the pieces on display are a just a selection of the over 11,000 young men and women who have passed through the ranks of the SaloneSatellite, many of whom went on to become internationally acclaimed designers.
The exhibit will be enhanced, year after year, by new ideas and projects displayed in editions to come.

Collezione Permanente SaloneSatellite
SaloneSatelite Permanent Collection

“I’m happy that the SaloneSatelite Permanent Collection has found a home here, at the Wood-Furniture Training Centre, in a space dedicated to students and budding talent and open to all those who wish to visit it. The objects on display can teach and serve as inspiration precisely because they were designed by young men and women who went on to success, relying on their passion, enthusiasm, and ambition,” affirms Marva Griffin, Founder and Curator of the SaloneSatellite.