…Creating the future

Dubai Design Week is able to amaze every year more and more. The rapid growth of the fair pays a great importance to those who contribute to the success of the appointment. "Connecting minds" is the mantra

The full version of this title starts with the words “Connecting Minds”, the theme of the next edition of Expo 2020, which will be held in Dubai. But we do not wish to jump the gun by promoting the world’s fair, even though it is already yielding results in terms of planning. The partial reference, however, offers us the opportunity to focus on the theme of the ‘future’, which the city has been tackling in a completely natural way with its large creative community. In its quest to transform into a ‘Capital of Design’, Dubai has already laid the foundations to become both a city of innovation and a city of young generations. This is evidenced by Dubai Design Week and Downtown Design: platforms that unreservedly embrace experimentation and different influences, providing a springboard and showcase for emerging talents, both from the region and from abroad. From the Global Grad Show to the Design+Making UAE exhibition and the Solar Decathlon competitions, which will be hosted for the first time in the Middle East this year (again, in Dubai): a single week contains numerous opportunities to look to the future through the eyes and minds of those who are (and will be) its architects! This is one of the many ways of interpreting this edition of Design Week. 2020 awaits.