All the colours of Orgatec

The biannual event in Cologne showcases the latest new developments in the office furniture and contract industries, with a focus on making people feel welcome rather than straight hospitality

Two worlds that were once considered poles apart are now intermingling and merging at an ever-quickening pace. Soon, we will need to think up a new definition for a sector that has – with the arrival of so-called light design – truly changed its skin.

Much of the credit for this sea change must go to Nordic design (particularly Muuto and Buzzi Space), as well as the new generation of Spanish (Gan, Andreu World and Sancal) and Italian brands, such as Arper, Lapama and Pedrali. Over the past five years, these companies have introduced new shapes and finishes for modern-day workspaces and mixed-use environments such as lounges and lobbies. All are brought together by a focus on providing a welcome rather than just straight hospitality, with simplicity also key and colour taking a starring role.

This edition of Orgatec is notable for the invasion of colour on show across all products and categories. It’s fitting, then, that ColorWorks® colour designer Judith van Vliet is giving a talk about Color Forward® 2019, the exclusive tool previewed in IFDM’s Contract & Hospitality Book.

A collection of the most significant new products on show at Orgatec: