Domestic landscapes

A domestic environment is transformed into a sensory, imaginative path through the purest expressions of nature in the Giardini Wallcoverings collections

A combination of sensory perceptions emerges from the architectural frame. A blend of visual and tactile sensations that stimulate the imagination and inspire creativity. The soft coverings in the Giardini Wallcoverings collection become large canvases for free expression, metaphors for a myriad landscape that leads beyond reality and whose keystone is the color and material that forms them.

The varied landscape stands out in the domestic horizon, embracing the interior compositions, enhancing them with its evocative power and formal delicacy and allowing them to dialogue with the spectacular background, mutually enhancing each other with soft contrasts and unique affinities.
The house transforms into a microcosm to explore, room after room, landscape after landscape, where you can taste nature – and its sensory references – in its multifaceted expressions.

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Here, starting from the entrance, this experiential journey into the domestic habitat begins. Enveloping walls dressed in an intense mustard shade push the mind towards endless desert expanses: the material richness of the Abaca collection evokes sandy roughness, which is palpable in the union of the fibres that absorb three different colors in an interplay of distortions, like an infinite grain of sand touched by the sun. The shades, which alternate between neutral and more intense tones, pursue each other, culminating in the Great Abaca textures: curved dunes where you lose yourself before moving on to other shores.

The ‘raw’ naturalness of Abaca serves as a link with the substantial mountain environments in the bedroom: wood and earth shades merge into a single effect devoted to nature’s purity.
In the place dedicated to comfort and relaxation, the interior frame becomes a warm embrace in which you can immerse yourself and rediscover serenity.

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The living area is a ‘middle ground’ with a formal, but expressive style. Located between the sleeping area and the kitchen, it boasts functional diversity and leads to an equally colourful destination: boundless lands that give way to lush vegetation, a mix of different sensibilities, are expressed in the Gioia Grande collection. The large plains come to life due to the soft melange effects of the fabric, which consists of fibres in different shades and with slight contrasts, creating atmospheres that are elegantly delicate to the touch and sight.

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The bold, lively, irreverent colors of the Gioia collection illuminate the kitchen with a sophisticated blue. It is a tide that overwhelms space and the imagination, a sparkling ocean of shiny reflections produced by the polyester fibres that appear with silk and linen effects.

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The route ends with an even more imaginative, impalpable place that dominates the environment with its immateriality. A sky with ethereal shades of light gray (conferred by the satin reflections of the Basmati collection) crowns the entirety of the living space, elevating every sensory perception to the immensity of the infinite.

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