Russian evolution

With this new edition dedicated to the Russian market and Eastern countries, IFDM is celebrating its tenth anniversary in this market

10 years have quickly passed since our magazine’s debut in Moscow, when what was then Il Foglio Del Mobile launched its first Cyrillic edition in October 2008 on the prestigious stage of iSaloni Worldwide Moscow.

In the course of these years, the market has written important chapters in the history of Italian design and furniture, very clearly demonstrating interest in a sector that boasts the quality and uniqueness of Italian production.
The stylistic evolutions that we have described to you over the years express a desire to establish an increasingly international image in the country’s interior design projects.
For ten years, IFDM has monitored the ‘chat’ and Russia, always a coveted market, is now showing strong economic results and signs of renewal and evolution, changing the rules of the game it was accustomed to.

Indeed, new opportunities are opening up today and furniture companies are no longer limited to only targeting big spenders: economic data reveals that the spending power of the average and average to high segments is experiencing sharp growth.
The rich calendar of events demonstrates how Russian cities are enjoying new vitality: the World Cup and various favourable circumstances have revived the economy, while the recovery of the property market with numerous new buildings and the creation of entire commercial and residential districts has reignited the furniture market, where Italian companies obviously play a leading role.

In the following pages of this tenth edition, we asked operators in the high-end design sector to give their opinion about the past decade, a current and future perspective about this important market.
For this anniversary, we purposely chose to interview the eclectic and sometimes provocative designer Fabio Novembre in order to demonstrate how design in the pure sense of the word has new and numerous spaces to occupy in homes and beyond.
The extremely positive recovery trend that Russia is experiencing will enable Italian companies in the furniture sector to have more points of reference and a new positive energy.