Change afoot at Agapecasa

With Transformations, Agapecasa has changed the look of its space in Milan’s Via Statuto, experimenting with Mangiarotti collections as it reflects on our evolving lifestyles

Change is a necessary part of all stages of evolution. It’s something that Agapecasa is well aware of – and something it intends to embrace fully as it pushes the boundaries of the way we live. In its space in Via Statuto 11, the brand has created two new areas in which day-to-day objects contrast with the intentionally unrefined nature of the space itself. The pieces at the centre of the new approach are timeless models from the masterful Angelo Mangiarotti, one of the most influential artists, architects, visionaries and innovators of the 20th century. Thanks to styling from Camilla Benedini, graphics by Gergely Àgoston and styling by Roberto Barazzuol, the pieces are given the platform they deserve to provoke the intended debate. At the centre of the new concept is the transformational force that these iconic, cultured, refined pieces can have within a space, driving changing behaviours and helping us adapt to new habits.

Transformations/Agapecasa, tavolo Quattrotto, Mangiarotti Collection

Transformations, created by Agapecasa, eFM, partners Oikos, Brokis, Röshults and the Mangiarotti Collection, with help from Mycore and Magis, strikes right to the heart of the concept of transformation, exploring the ways in which we live and work and experimenting with materials and space to offer a way of reconciling our material reality with the digital world. Marble, iron, wood and other materials become the tools of a new form of expression, in which everything exists in perfect harmony and weight and volume interact and switch roles. Yet in this fluid process of constant variations, the values of ethics and aesthetics that Mangiarotti has succeeded in combining and immortalising shine through.

Transformations/Agapecasa, sedia Tre 3, Mangiarotti Collection