Nahoor’s copper age

The company specialised in the creation of illuminated units will be a protagonist of M&O with its new collections featuring copper finishings. Art director William Pianta has set himself the objective of presenting his own vision of lighting and also has an eye on the outdoor market

M&O is nearly here: what will you be presenting the Parisian public?
Traditionally for the September edition, Nahoor has always presented its latest innovations, in terms of materials, finishings and sizes of products from existing families. For M&O we are focusing on a material we have been using for a few years now in a few private projects, but which has never been officially presented and above all, never been used on such a vast swathe of models: we’re talking copper. We were the first to make such extensive use of this metal, which is becoming increasingly appreciated by the public.
Thanks to close collaboration with our artisans, at last we have achieved a quality in the processing and finishing of this metal which is in line with Nahoor standards and which is also upheld for large-sized lighting fixtures. We are ready to present iconic Nahoor pieces, such as Mahari and Jade, as well as more recent products such as the Wright and Iscar, made in copper, available in polished as well as brushed finishings.

Is there a collection which is particularly well-suited to the style of France’s public? Why?
Nahoor has always upheld a far-reaching vision, one which is global and transcends localisms. We target an international clientèle which pays particular attention to design as well as the quality of products, finishings and single details. A transversal public which identifies itself in a life-style as opposed to a geographic location.
This is why we are present at M&O Paris, not because it is a French fair, but because it is a fair which strongly appeals to an international audience of interlocutors and potential clients, architects, interior designers.

How has the Nahoor philosophy evolved over the years, and what has remained unchanged?
The mission of Nahoor has remained unchanged over these years.
Nahoor is a word chosen from ancient Aramaic which means “Origin”, “Source”, of light. Its objective is to reinterpret its own vision of “making light”, perpetuating the important legacy of the Italian school in the lighting sector.
This how products featuring pure and essential lines are created, bringing out the best in raw materials and all the savoir-faire of the Italian craftsmanship tradition, points which we have remained focused on over the years, while also enriching everything with new production technologies and lighting engineering.
Design has also evolved over time, continuously drawing inspiration from the past and everyday life, always according to a clear, solid and long-term vision, compatible with the mission of Nahoor.

Lampada a sospensione May, Nahoor
May by Nahoor

What is the starting point for any project?
Nahoor projects draw inspiration from a large number of sources: an art exhibition, an antique object, moments of everyday life, requests from customers, as well as new technologies, opportunities offered by materials and production processes, ancient materials interpreted for the future.

Which materials do you love working with and why?
Even though the processing of metals is a strong point of Nahoor, what we love the most is succeeding in combining materials with different finishings in order to create products which exude a strong personality.
This is highly appreciated by our clients, who together with Nahoor and through the combination of different materials and possible finishes, create a product which is practically made to measure, tailor made, which seamlessly integrates within their project or interior.

90% of Nahoor’s turnover is generated by indoor products. Do you have any more specific collections in mind, to reinforce the outdoor segment?
In addition to its “classic” outdoor, Nahoor also has a collection dedicated to yachts, another area of business which has proven to be rewarding.
In any case, gaining a strong foothold on the high end outdoor market is undoubtedly one of our objectives, also because current offers on the market aren’t quite cutting it.

From the outset Nahoor has always had a strong international vocation. Do you think that Made in Italy is more appreciated abroad than in Italy?
Currently “Made in Italy” is undoubtedly a value which is highly appreciated in Italy and abroad, as long as it is underpinned by a valid product, with a high level of design content, intrinsic quality and which provides a suitable service for clientèle.
“Made in Italy” can reassure, evoke a series of positive values such as the savoir faire of our Italian designers, our artisans, all involved in the creation of products.
However, we can’t expect to apply the “Made in Italy” label to banal products, which do not live up to expectations in terms of design, quality and after-sales services.

Lampada da tavolo in Rame, Mahari
Mahari by Nahoor

Two years ago, in a previous interview, you told us that “lighting must recover its rightful role in interior design”. Mission accomplished?
The journey is long and fraught with difficulties, however we have already seen some changes in the attitude of professionals towards lighting products.
We are increasingly finding ourselves involved in private and public projects right from the beginning, as opposed to in the past, when we were only summoned once the “cards had been dealt”, so to speak.
We are seeing that lighting is increasingly playing the role it should in the design of interiors and outdoor areas. Fixtures are no longer considered as mere accessories which must illuminate creations, but rather they are elements of creation itself, capable of modulating and contextualising spaces.

2019 will mark your tenth anniversary: what is the balance sheet for the first decade of Nahoor? Do you have any surprises in store?
We are proud of the objectives achieved with Nahoor and of our international presence (95% of turnover is generated abroad), also because all this has been possible thanks to our product and work team. We know there is still a long way to go in order to consolidate our position on the market alongside historic Italian brands, however these achievements inspire us to do better.

Lou, lampada da tavolo in rame
Lou by Nahoor