Talenti: from the sea to the mountains

The company from Umbria specialised in outdoor design has contributed to restyling two very different settings: Temptation Cancun Resort and Hotel Sporting Livigno

Hotel Sporting Family Hospitality, Livigno, outdoor

Talenti was selected to renovate two very different facilities in terms of setting and landscape: Temptation Cancun Resort and Hotel Sporting Livigno. The company from Umbria, specialised in designing and manufacturing high quality outdoor furniture, furnished the open air spaces of the Mexican resort, while the Family Hospitality & Wellness Centre in Valtellina also makes use of Talenti products in the interior relaxation areas.

Temptation, Bash bar
Hotel Sporting Family Hospitality, Livigno, outdoor

The two restyling projects are connected by the designer Karim Rashid, who designed some of the furnishings used at the Hotel Sporting Livigno and who directed works at the Temptation Cancun Resort. Here, guests can enjoy the Caribbean Sea from a Breez beach lounger or from the Swell chairs at the Bash Bar. The furnishings are marked by sinuous lines and an eye-catching style that suits the building’s contemporary allure.

Temptation. sexy pool
Breez by Talenti

In the common areas at the Livigno facility, Talenti presents Cleo, a collection that stands out for its elegance and simplicity. Outdoors, the Touch series is the perfect choice for the hotel’s mountain setting, while indoors, the practical Chic collection adds a touch of sophistication to every room. The collections are entirely made in Italy using cutting-edge, weather and heat resistant materials.

Hotel Sporting Family Hospitality
Hotel Sporting Family Hospitality, relax zone

Hotel Sporting Family Hospitality, Livigno,