Architizer A + Awards, Tanya by Visionnaire emerges triumphant

Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, it distinguished itself in the “Commercial furniture” category, out of a selection of over 5000 projects

Satisfaction for Visionnaire at the Architizer A + Awards. The chair Tanya, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, emerged triumphant as the winner of the “Commercial furniture” sector, at the sixth edition of one of the most prestigious competitions in the architecture and product design sector. The chair was up against more than 5000 project entries from all over the world.

 width=“Hidden in the mirage of a light in the room, you resume your dance”: the architect from Pisa describes his creation. Tanya was presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile, Milan, and draws inspiration from northern European design as well as the automotive world. Its brushed metal anthracite aluminium legs appear to support a flying pagoda. In technical terms the creation is extremely complex, indeed it requires two injection moulds, one for the body and one for the legs.


Eleonore Cavalli, art director at Visionnaire, explains how the idea which led to the creation of Tanya first arose: “When discussing this project with Roberto Lazzeroni, we thought about northern European geometries as well as the automotive world, we were looking for an enveloping chair which alluded to the oriental world. Pagodas sprung to our minds, and so we started thinking about a flying pagoda, supported by brushed aluminium legs”.