IAAD, 40 years of Growth and Metamorphosis

The Italian University for Design celebrates the 40th year since its foundation with the nomination of six Department Chairs, including Aldo Cibic, and a new Department of Design Innovation

“Growth and Metamorphosis” was the guiding theme of celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the foundation of IAAD- The Italian University for Design, which took place at La Centrale last Wednesday, the events space at Nuvola Lavazza, Turin.
A theme developed in a rich panel line-up, focused on current transformations in design and communication, as well as the institution’s very own identity, which since 1978 has grown to become a centre for higher education in Italy and Europe.
Two bases in Italy, in Turin and Bologna, 21 in France, thanks to a partnership with AD Education, 8,600 students and an integrated system with over 40 Degree and Master’s courses.

On occasion of celebrations, six Department Chairs were presented and the new Department of Innovation Design was launched: Giorgetto Giugiaro – Chair of the Department of Transportation Design, Stefano Giovannoni – Chair of the Department of Product Design, Aldo Cibic – Chair of the Department of Interior Design, Romeo Gigli – Chair of the Department of Textile & Fashion, Emanuele Saffirio – Chair of the Department of Communication Design and Geoff Mulgan – Chair of the new Department of Innovation Design.

The new Department Chairs along with Laura Milani, CEO and Director of IAAD

Aldo Cibic commented: “I’m happy to be a part of this wonderful day of celebrations. My training started back in 1977, when I was 22, with a great master, Ettore Sottsass. Just three years later, we became partners and a year later, in ’81, we founded Memphis. As I grew I went on to develop a metamorphosis of my own: right here in Turin I approached the world of art, a new dimension, which enabled me to detach from my master and develop along my very own path. With students, I’d like to convey an awareness of their own talent and the ability to always see change as an opportunity for change.”

Laura Milani, CEO and Director of IAAD, continues: “We believe in the exchange of knowledge as an engine for innovation, a link with contemporaneity is the leitmotif here. The aim is to study and develop new training models and content, also thanks to the contribution of visionary professionals. It is increasingly about choices, about not being afraid of making them, and which we believe are fundamental when aiming for key goals”.

IAAD, via Pisa, Turin
IAAD, via Pisa, Turin