The discreet elegance of decorative light

This spring’s Light+Building and FuoriSalone events in Frankfurt and Milan respectively showcased some of the most innovation solutions on the market for harnessing the power of light in domestic, contract and outdoor spaces

A lamp and mirror all at once, Doria (design by Marcello Colli) incorporates the themes of both light and reflection into one stunning piece, which both serves a practical purpose and adds decoration. The brass structure supports a two-sided disc, which is brought to life by the light emanating out as the opposite side reflects this back again

The new decorative indoor lamps have wowed observers on account of their fusion of the latest technology – including the almost exclusive use of LED bulbs – and stunning aesthetics, based around elegance and a carefully calculated, sparing use of materials. Blown glass continues to be used widely by Italian brands keen to maintain a national and local tradition, but additional material such as wood, stone and metal are starting to be used, in addition to new patented, high-performance materials. Outdoors, the ethos is on low-impact structures combining hi-tech solutions with charming effects, with many systems succeeding in disappearing almost entirely, leaving nothing but a beam of light.