Sight Unseen OFFSITE: when design means collaboration

13 interior designers for 13 creatives. The result is the main focus of the 5th edition of Sight Unseen OFFSITE

Appointment at 201 Mulberry Street – downtown Manhattan – for the contemporary and independent design lovers. Sight Unseen OFFSITE is returning to New York Design Week: not a simple fair, but a platform for the most directional and cutting-edge ideas in contemporary furniture design.
Now at its 5th annual edition, the exhibition – curated and produced by Sight Unseen online magazine’s founders, Monica Khemsurov and Jill Singer – shifts its focus away from individual designer presentations to showcase a series of group exhibitions and curated projects, organized around a unifying theme: collaboration across creative practices and disciplines.

The hub in Mulberry Street features 13 furniture and interior designers working with 13 creatives in the fields of food, fashion, art, music, and film to design a series of one-off objects. Each product designed by the pair will be sold via 1stdibs and the proceeds will be given to charities.

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Here the pairs: 
Rafael de Cárdenas x Mel Ottenberg, stylist
Tyler Hays x Andrew Kuo, artist
Wall for Apricots x Jason Schwartzman, actor
Bower x Seth Rogen, actor
Kelly Behun x Narciso Rodriguez, fashion designer
Harry Nuriev x Liam Gillick, artist
Fernando Mastrangelo x Boyd Holbrook, actor
Thaddeus Wolfe x Ignacio Mattos, chef
Home Studios x Natasha Royt, stylist
The Principals x Angel Olsen, musician
Kelly Wearstler x Aimee Song, blogger
Christopher Stuart x Julia Dault, artist
Ladies and Gentlemen x Kaarem, fashion desginers

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The show also embraces more partner venues around lower Manhattan, selected from top design studios to debut their 2018 collection, such as  Ben and Aja Blanc, Dowel Jones, Crosby Studio, Studio Proba, Slash Objects, Giancarlo Valle, The Principals e Llot Llov.

Among the highlights of Sight Unseen OFFSITE, the immersive installation in the form of an ideal hotel suite, designed by Steven Bukowski and Hannah Bigeleisen for Hotel Tonight.


 Photo Credits © Charlie Schuck