Interview with Jose Herrerias, General Manager Gamadecor

Founded in 1987, Gamadecor is a kitchen and bathroom manufacturer, one of the eight brands of Porcelanosa Group. Based in Villarreal, Castellón, Gamadecor will take part into next Salone del mobile of Milan, at Eurocucina, the space dedicated to innovation and advanced technology applied to kitchens. In a stand of 300 square meters, the company will display four settings with four new kitchens, mix of top quality, design and technology. Mr Jose Herrerías, general director at Gamadecor Porcelanosa Group, explains what we will see and the philosophy of the brand

Looking at Emotions kitchen, the first impression is “minimal and luxury”, is that correct?
Yes of course: our kitchens are pretty contemporary and minimal, luxury and very technical. For example, the body is made with laser edge technology, an innovative adesive-free technology, ecological, without any glue for the best environmental impact. This technology is important also for the aesthetic: we don’t see the black line of the glue. Many hi-tech details, such as the innovative opening system for doors with concealed hinges and invisible mechanisms. We work to implement quality, in order to do the best product for the living well-being, the customers satisfaction, health, safety and environment.
Gamadecor can offer products with full environmental guarantees, following the ISO international standard and at the same time we use wood from controlled forests.

At Salone del mobile your proposals will be presented in Hall 11, in an area dedicated to innovation and technology applied to kitchens. In addition to elegance there is something else then?
For us Salone del mobile is the most important fair so we are planning to present our novelties and the best kitchens, mix of design, quality and technology. In 300 metres squares we will do four different setting for four new kitchens, like monobloc kitchen with the same finishing on the top and on the back and a metal structure in order to reduce the weight. The model Emotions 7.30 Cuero Limo Mate presents a system of retractable doors. In the area under the cabinets there are shelves with Led lighting: the tracks themselves conduct the current, so the shelf can be positioned at any height, without the need to change the wiring.


What is the distribution strategy of these new kitchen collections and in which countries?
As a company we are a kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe manufacturer and we are putting our effort in promoting our kitchens. Today the kitchens represent more than 50 per cent of our business, so kitchens are our future and we want to be recognized as a kitchen manufacturer. Our first market is United States, 30 per cent of our production goes to USA, then our principal countries are Uk, Spain, France and as fifth place Italy, followed by Russia, Mexico, Marocco…. We are operating actively in more than 50 countries. The style required is global and international, because the 80 per cent of our production goes everywhere. In some areas, like Texas e Birmingham in Uk, ask more classical style. Actually the 40 per cent of lacquer products are white. Hopefully in the future we will do more than white, like wood and darker colors.
We have more than 400 showrooms worldwide in all five continents, from Canada to India, from Russia to Emirates. China in the next three-four year could represent our first market, is a big potential market of 50 million of people that want design, european style and high quality, not chinese product.

Do you always design your kitchens in-house, is it a strategic choice or sometimes do you engage an external designer?
100 per cent of our kitchen are made by our interior design department. In terms of product development there are two departments. Of course, we collaborate with others designers or architects but usually for special occasions of how to present the products in the fairs or exhibitions.

Kitchens, bathrooms, walk-in closets and outdoor products: are you approaching a total living concept? Will you integrate other environments?
We are approaching a total living concept, a lifestyle and complete solution for interior, from kitchen more and more open to living room, from closet to bathroom. We offer a full complete package solution in contemporary style. As a group we don’t do only kitchens, but also bathrooms, chairs, mirrors, taps, radiators, outdoors… we already offer the complete furniture set!