Warm interiors on the North Sea

Material contrasts, stone suggestions and graphic decorations applied to walls and flooring as leitmotifs of the Mezger Lodges hospitality facility. Two villas, two personalities in line with contemporary hospitality

Mezger Lodges is located in Domburg, one of the oldest seaside resorts in the Netherlands, probably the first, on the North Sea coast. The natural allure of wild landscapes in this region, Zeeland, dotted by dunes and ponds, along with the architectures of typical lodges guide the interior designer Liane van Leuuwen from Studio – L. Despite being characterised by undeniably modern interiors, the project aims to convey a timeless style and atmosphere for guests, by differentiating between the concepts of both of the facility’s villas.

The Ceramiche Refin collections has contributed towards the classical orientation of Villa Mezger and the modern mood of the Maerel residence, with natural effects and balanced shades in the former, and darker tonalities in the latter. In Villa Mezger, warm parquets have been matched with sand colour ceramic pieces from the Pietre di Borgogna collection. The interiors of Villa Maerel have been articulated by the Bluetech series which features in brown on flooring, blue and grey in the bathroom and kitchen. Both residences have an elegant yet decisive elegance in common, enhanced by the presence of furnishings characterised by a dry and minimalist design.

Common areas including the Orangery, relaxation area and the restaurant, offer a high-impact contemporary twist. These areas are all linked by the combination of different materials, the contrast between the neutral tonalities of wood and more saturated ones expressed in chair and sofa covers. Then there’s the graphic décor. A strong presence, a sign which leaves its mark in all interiors, conferring rhythm upon walls, flooring and even the layout, becoming a veritable leitmotif of the project. On the floor, parquet compositions – here re-proposed in a modern interpretation of ancient coffered patterns from the Mansion collections – alternate with the coloured graphic patterns of Frame Majolica Random, also by Refin.  Graphics, geometries and natural effects participate in unison in the restaurant, illuminated by large openings which ease down on the dry, sloping ceiling during the day, and by chandeliers which descend from its summit during the evening, together with the more punctual light emanated by objects suspended above tables.

Photo © Mezger Lodges

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