Arredo3, the success of a 4.0 industry

A leading Italian company in the kitchen sector, Arredo3 is reaping the fruits of different renewal operations enacted over the last few years. Not least in terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness

A net increase in turnover, considerable investments, a commitment to environmental friendliness and workplace liveability. The leading Italian brand Arredo3 has taken on the Italian and international market brand, thanks to a profitable investment policy which has extensively bolstered production levels and turnover. The figures speak for themselves; an output of approximately 220 kitchens per day, amounting to a total of 8,000 packages handled and a turnover of 125 million Euros in 2016. This resounding success has positioned Arredo3 on the podium of top kitchen manufacturers in Italy, a shining example of Industry 4.0. We spoke to Massimo Ghedin, IT and Internal Process Development Manager, to find out more about the Company, its progress and plans for the future.

With reference to innovation as a theme, what action has Arredo3 taken in terms of the updating of systems, the renewal of facilities and its warehouse?

With reference to production, we are currently finalising the implementation of a plant for first-stage processes, namely the creation of all the door and frame components starting from the semi-finished “panel”. This plant, Lotto 1, enables the production of kitchens based on customer orders, thus reinforcing the concept of custom made kitchen products and total flexibility. The 8000 square meter shed that will host this plant is almost finished. We have already started the assembly of machines that are articulated on a 150-meter long line and that have been purchased from leading companies in the processing of materials in the wood supply chain, which study specific solutions for the specific type of material to realize. Furthermore, since 2007 we have been availing ourselves of an automated shipment system, and in 2015 we added a door warehouse, which has enabled us to simplify the management of one of the most important and critical components in the kitchen, also resulting in considerable savings in terms of materials stored inside the plant, and the faster completion of orders.

The development strategies of Arredo3 have always been grounded in environmental commitment. How is this issue handled?

We are a “green” company on several fronts: photovoltaic energy, separate waste collection, environmental issues, the reduction of noise pollution down to a minimum. Everything is based on a fundamental precept: all environmental issues are also ethical issues, this runs in our blood. We have always been strongly linked to the territory in which we live, indeed this is a concept dear to management’s heart. This also goes for everyone who works at Arredo3, which represent a “capital” of inestimable value for the company.

Let us now turn to the end product, kitchens: what approach characterises the new Arredo3 collections in terms of style and design?

We attentively follow the sector’s trends, and in general of the entire world of furnishing and design. Arredo3 has carved a niche for itself on the mid-market by creating a quality yet accessible product, which draws aesthetic inspiration from research into new materials, design and practicality. In addition to classical laminate and lacquered colours, our flagship kitchen system Zetasei offers highly trendy finishings, such as stone and cement effects.


Detail of a solution created with the new Zetasei system, with details in glossy gray lacquer for columns and wall units, walnut eucalyptus laminate for open elements, black stone laminate for base and top