The luxury of Sicis shines in the Macalline Mall, Shanghai

Sicis has opened a new 'abode' in Macalline Mall, Shanghai, confirming its own expansion and consolidation programme in Asia, which first began right here a decade ago, with the opening of the Brand's first ever Chinese showroom

Sophisticated, enveloped in a luminous and sparkling ambience, with over 300 sqm of exhibition,  the new Sicis Home Showroom has opened on the ground floor of the Luxury Macalline Exhibition Center, a sophisticated mall defined by the European architectonic taste of the Macalline group, created to host major high-end international furnishing brands.
Conceived with the intention of showcasing the Brand’s distinctive style, the project for this luxurious Sicis retail space is a comfortable and elegant location for hosting professionals, architects, interior decorators and not least, end customers. Here they can  get a feel for guide lines which identify creations by the Italian house.
We are met with a complete range of proposals: furnishings, particular limited edition Sicis tapestries, Vetrite and marble boiserie, fabrics characterised by incomparable patterns and qualities, artistic mosaic panels that are veritable works of art, Vetrite flooring, mirrors with fine gold and silver mosaic finishings, Murano glass, bronze, steel and micromosaic lamps. The showroom also offers living and dining interior furnishing solutions, featuring singular tables, as well as bedroom solutions interpreted by curved and delicate lines which exalt the high intrinsic and formal quality of beds, chests of drawers and containers. This new Sicis “residence” contains an array of interiors rich in surprising details, all in perfect harmony with  a unique style, akin to the oriental world.
Everything in this showroom is a full expression of values such as harmony, beauty and uniqueness, all major objectives pursued by the House’s designers.

The rich selection of proposals at the Sicis showroom is also visible from the interior window display and four large outdoor displays near one of the building’s main entrances.

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