Slide celebrates ten years of Low Lita

Slide is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Paola Navone’s Low Lita with the special edition Low Lita Anniversary and a stunning photography exhibition in their new showroom

Senza Titolo, photo by Claudio Bonoldi

Ten years have passed since Paola Navone designed Low Lita for Slide. In the intervening years, it has become one of the company’s most important products. For those unfamiliar with it, Low Lita is a chair characterised by a linear, fun design and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Made from polyethylene, it’s an instantly appealing piece on account of its intrinsic comfort and contemporary feel.

To celebrate the birthday of the iconic chair, Slide has created a new product, Low Lita Anniversary. This special edition is the product of extensive research into manufacturing using polyethylene and utilises a hi-tech production process.

But Low Lita Anniversary is more than just a product. The chair was unveiled by Slide’s art director Roberto Paoli at the brand’s new showroom in Foro Buonaparte in Milan, where it will remain until 23 April 2018 alongside a photography exhibition comprising images featuring Low Lita from over the years. In addition to work by Giovanni Gastel, Claudio Bonoldi and Ezio Manciucca, the exhibition also features new photographs by Piero GemelliGiorgio PossentiMiro Zagnoli and Manciucca and Bonoldi.

As if that wasn’t enough, the exhibition is just the first in a series of events that will be coming to the new showroom over the next two years.

Lolita, Scultura seduta, Milano 2018. Photo and artwork by Piero Gemelli
#All_Free… Photo by Ezio Manciucca
Sliding into the blue. Photo by Giorgio Possenti
Senza Titolo. Photo by Miro Zagnoli
Exhibition at Slide showroom. © Courtesy by Slide
Exhibition at Slide showroom. © Courtesy by Slide
Exhibition at Slide showroom. © Courtesy by Slide