Rimadesio lands in Geneva

In Geneva, on Avenue du Mail, Rimadesio’s furnishings and accessories enhance an exclusive location

A high-end brand specialized in the production of systems for the partition of rooms and the architectural definition of interiors, as well as the manufacturing of furniture pieces and accessories, Rimadesio has opened a new showroom in Switzerland, in Geneva, where its most prestigious collections are sold, a selection of products conceived for an exclusive use.
Just as elegant, the location of the new showroom, in which partition panels and glass doors elegantly define the space by designing a fluid lay-out, modulated with a living area, two bedrooms and an area dedicated to planning. Inaugurated in collaboration with the local partner Reichel Cuisines and located in the city center, the showroom – which overlooks the street thanks to two large windows, covers 150 square meters of space and has been renovated according to the Identity strategy of Rimadesio.

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